New Holland NH640 Tractor Price and Specs

NH640 is an amazing tractor by New Holland or Fiat with 75 horsepower. This tractor is used for multip-purposes in Pakistan like for plowing agricultural fields and pulling heavy materials. As this is 75HP which means it’s not ordinary, for this reason, its price is also a little bit higher than other tractor prices in Pakistan.

Despite its multi-purpose features, its most commonly used by farmers for agricultural purposes in Pakistan due to its heavy-duty machinery. This tractor normally comes with the 2WD option, that’s why its front wheels are small and rear wheels are wide.

new holland nh640 fiat tractor
new holland nh640 fiat tractor

NH640 Price in Pakistan

NH640 Fiat3082000

This NH640 variant is considered to be one of the most powerful and heavy-duty tractors among all models of NH. The price of this tractor is a little bit high but it is worth it. If we talk about its body case, it is Italian and made of premium-quality metal. 

The overall weight of this tractor is highly optimized according to its capacity of pulling heavy material. It can pull about tonnes of weight without taking a rest. The fuel consumption of this vehicle is very cost-effective as it consumes a very optimal amount of petrol or diesel. 

The tires of this tractor are made of thick rubber with sharp spines, these sharp spines help this tractor to push itself out from thick muddy areas. It has small front tires that are optimized very beautifully according to their overall weight.

NH640 Tractor Specifications

Total weight2070 Kilograms
Max HP75 Horspower at 2160rpm
Max Torque245nm at 1500 rpm 
Stroke x Bore115 x 100 mm
No. of Cylindersfour
Capacity of Cylinder3613cc
Compression Ratio17:1
Lubrication SystemForced Feed Lubrication System
FI Pump TypeRotor Type Delphi
Clutch Separate Control Dual Plate PTO (dry)
TransmissionTypeConstant Mesh with Synchronizer
Gear Box2 reverse, 8 Forward
Max Road Speed25KM/h
Steering Wheel TypePower/Hydraulic
Power Take off in RPM540 at 1960 rpm
Rear Axleheavy-duty square design featuring indirect axles and a bull gear for the purpose of reduction.
Braking SystemDry drum Bakes
Max Hydraulic Lifting Capability1650KG


Fueling Capacity54L
Engine/Mobile Oil Capacity11.5L
Engine Transmission18L

Tyre and Dimensions

Front 7.50-16


Is there a warranty available for this tractor?
Yes, this tractor model also comes with a warranty of 14 months and 1200 running hours.

What type of steering system this tractor has?
This tractor comes with a power or hydraulic steering system.

Is this tractor model 2WD or 4WD?
In Pakistan, this tractor model is only seen with 2WD features, but this really doesn’t mean that this tractor isn’t powerful, if you have a good budget, this tractor will be the best suit for you.

Does this tractor have wide front tires?
No, it comes with small frontal tires.

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