New Holland NH 70 56 4WD Tractor Specification 

NH 70 56 4wd is a multi-purpose tractor vehicle in competition with MF 4WD with somehow same features and specifications as MF variants. NH 70 56 4WD is a powerful machine very commonly used by Pakistani agrarians.

NH 70 56 is a 4WD also known as Al-Ghazi is a variant made of Holland. As this is an England company, it uses durable spare parts and more powerful engines. An 85-horsepower of NH variant is more powerful than MF variants in terms of load-carrying capacity. New Holland tractor units are currently produced in Pakistan, but there are some people who import from Holland.

New Holland NH 70 56 4WD Tractor
New Holland NH 70 56 4WD Tractor

If we compare The NH and MF which are in competition with its, both tractors have their own plus and negative points. The very major difference between these two is, the NH tractor is low in weight than MF, due to which its ground grip is a little bit lower than MF. As compared to its competition tractor other tractor price in Pakistan it is sometimes considered as an over-priced tractor.

NH 70 56 4WD  price overview

New Holland NH 70 56 85 Horse Power Engine30,73,000 Pkr

NH 70 56 tractor engine specifications

Overall Engine Power85 Horse Powers / 2250 RPM
Engine Torque212 NM (newton meter)
Engine Combustion TypeDiesel 4.41 cylinder (Low Emission Low-Noise)
Fuel InjectionDirect
Engine Oil / Mobile Oil Capacity12 Litres
Diesel Storage Capacity108 Litres
Piston Bore104 x 115 mm
Engine Compression Ratio15:3:1
Engine FilterHigh-Performance Dual Filters
ExhaustCarbon filtered Top-up Bonnet Muffler
Engine Start TypeThermostat
Fuel Filter TypeAir Swirl
Number of Forward gears8
Number of Reverse Gear2
Top Speed28 Km/h
Drive4×4 wheel drive (All Wheels Drive)
PTO540=1750 RPM
Diesel PumpDelphi
NH 70 56 tractor engine specifications

NH 70 56 4WD Tractor Dimensions

Gross Vehicle Weight2600 KG
Vehicle Length3760 mm / 12.3 feet / 3.76 meters
Vehicle Width1871 mm / 6.1 feet / 1.8 meters
Overall Height With Exhaust2485 mm / 8.1 feet / 2.4 meters
Height From Ground to Steering Wheel 1781 mm / 5.8 feet / 1.7 meters

Gears and Speed

Gear 12.7 km/h
Gear 23.7 km/h
Gear 35.1 km/h
Gear 46.8 km/h
Gear 510.4 km/h
Gear 615.2 km/h 
Gear 720.8 km/h
Gear 827.9 km/h
Gear 13.5 km/h
Gear 214.1 km/h

This tractor can run on all four wheels according to your need.

Other Specifications

Steering WheelEPS (electric Powered Steering)
No. of Seats1
Spring TypeSpring Suspension
Front Wheels SuspensionTorsion Bar Suspension
HeadlightsSharp Focus Beam
BrakesMulti-Disc Oil-Immersed Paddle Brakes
Weight Carrying Capacity2200 KG 
Rare18.4 General
Front12.4 Panther


When you are actually at the market to buy any NH 70 56 tractor, always confirm the feature for which you are actually buying the tractor. 

Pros and Cons


  • It stores 12 liters of mobile oil, which is more than some other company tractors, due to this, it does not get heat-up quickly and can work some more hours.
  • It has wide wheel hubs due to which its wheel durability is stronger.
  • It has England-made spare parts, these parts are considered stronger and longer lasting than other local spare parts. 
  • Consumes very less fuel than other tractors.


  • NH 70 56 tractor is 106 kg lighter in weight than the same category tractor of Messy Ferguson, due to which its road grip is lower than MF.


If you are interested to buy New Holland’s NH 70 56 4WD, I suggest you take someone industry expert with you in case you don’t have enough knowledge about tractors. You can also consult with someone Agrarian expert if you are purchasing this vehicle specifically for your agriculture purposes.

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