Nippon Paint Prices in Pakistan

Nippon Paints is one of the oldest brands and the most usable paint in Pakistan, so knowing its prices is a must if you are going to use Nippon Paints for home decor. Nippon paint falls in the category of not so expensive and not so cheaper in terms of prices compared to other paint brands.

The Nippon is making both token and token-free paints for Pakistani audiences, but using token-free paint is always recommended. Nippon paint prices in Pakistan are affordable and start from a minimum of 550 PKR and end at 5000 PKR, and it all depends on the type of paint you are buying. Nippon is offering a wide range of paints locally in Pakistan.

nippon paints
Nippon paints

Nippon paint price list Pakistan

Water Based Matt Emulsion

Nippon Odour~less Air Care1,880 PKR6,970 PKR 
Nippon Spot-less Matt Emulsion2,490 PKR8,950 PKR33,540 PKR
Nippon EasyWash1,980 PKR7,192 PKR27,640 PKR
Nippon Glamour1,710 PKR6,340 PKR24,420 PKR

Interior Emulsion

Nippon Perfect Emulsion1,544 PKR5,295 PKR20,555 PKR
Nippon Matex Gold Emulsion*1,310 PKR4,530 PKR17,610 PKR
Nippon Super Matex Emulsion* 2,660 PKR10,030 PKR
Nippon Easy Coat Emulsion* 2,277 PKR8,580 PKR
Nippon Q Interior Emulsion*640 PKR2,180 PKR8,250 PKR
Nippon Matex Pro Emulsion – White Bucket** 1,740 PKR5,800 PKR
Nippon Matex Pro Emulsion – Standard**  5,000 PKR

Matt Enamel

PaintQuarterGallon Drum
Nippon Satin Glo Matt Enamel*1,967 PKR7,423 PKR28,845 PKR
Nippon Brilliance Matt Enamel*1,655 PKR5,709 PKR
Nippon Crystal Matt Enamel*1,836 PKR6,102 PKR22,743 PKR

Textured Series

Nippon Texture Nippon’eon **  4,761 PKR
Nippon Momento – Snow Frost7,222 PKR  
Nippon Momento – Pearl Frost7,222 PKR  
Nippon Momento – Gold Frost7,222 PKR  
Nippon Weatherbond7,020 PKR26,300 PKR
Nippon Weatherbond Advance1,566 PKR5,466 PKR20,500 PKR
Nippon Q Exterior Emulsion1,365 PKR4,870 PKR18,415 PKR
Nippon Tilelac (Textured)*** 2,794 PKR7,847 PKR


Nippon Expresskote Sealer2,300 PKR8,590 PKR 
Nippon Hydro Primer*1,776 PKR6,657 PKR 
Nippon Vinilex 5100 Wall Sealer990 PKR3,600 PKR13,490 PKR
Nippon Vinilex 5200 Wall Sealer  10,460 PKR
Nippon Hi-Bond Wall Primer*1,450 PKR4,940 PKR18,460 PKR
Nippon Red Oxide Primer*1,130 PKR3,990 PKR14,990 PKR
Nippon Synthetic Undercoat*969 PKR3,500 PKR 
Nippon Coloured Undercoat****454 PKR2,038 PKR 
Nippon Q Primer* 1,740 PKR6,660
Nippon Momento Primer (only for Momento)1,604 PKR  

Wall Putty

Nippon ACS Putty****** 8,150 PKR
Nippon ACS Putty***1,675 PKR5,780 PKR
Nippon Hi-Bond Acrylic Putty***1,790 PKR6,180 PKR
Nippon Wall Putty***1,607 PKR5,540 PKR
Nippon Extreme Wall Putty*** (Lahore Only)1,340 PKR4,880 PKR
Nippon Wall Putty A-100***4,365 PKR
Nippon Project Putty – Standard***3,580 PKR

Thinner and Sealers

Nippon Timber Finish Wood Sealer*2,098 PKR7,555 PKR
Nippon Timber Finish Thinner*1,251 PKR4,408 PKR


Nippon Timber Finish Matt Lacquer*2,209 PKR7,897 PKR
Nippon Timber Finish C W Lacquer*1,897 PKR6,788 PKR
Nippon Synthetic Clear Varnish *****1,140 PKR4,075 PKR
Nippon Timber Finish PU Varnish – Gloss *****1,392 PKR 
Nippon Timber Finish PU Varnish – Matt *****1,564 PKR 

Top Coats

Nippon Hydrogloss Enamel*2,401 PKR8,603 PKR 
Nippon Platone High Gloss Enamel*1,468 PKR5,213 PKR 
Nippon Q Enamel (High Gloss)*1,270 PKR4,540 PKR17,360 PKR
Nippon Q Enamel (Metallic & Premium Shades) *1,420 PKR5,030 PKR 
Nippon Slate Finish – Satin (Cementitious Surfaces)/Stones*3,227 PKR12,425 PKR 
Nippon Slate Finish – Gloss (Cementitious Surfaces)/Stones*5,285 PKR18,638 PKR 
Nippon FlexiSeal Elastomeric Membrane* 4,891 PKR 
Nippon Bituminous Solution ******* 3,106 PKR14,866 PKR

Other Items by Nippon

Momento Tool Kit726 PKR


Note: you might experience a little bit different prices in different cities of Pakistan like in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Multan, Vehari, Jhang, Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, DG Khan, DI Khan, Kot Addu, Gujjar Khan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Gujarat, Azad Kashmir, Mirpur, Abbottabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala.

Nippon paint suppliers in Pakistan

If you go to market you will find dozens of retailers and suppliers within your region for Nippon paint. All minor to major sellers are selling a large range of Nippon paints to local customers.

  • Ittefaq Traders Paint Solution
  • SMZ Traders
  • Nippon Paint House
  • Kiran Nippon Paint Store
  • Ahmed Paint House
  • National Hardware and Paint Store
  • Madina Paint Store
  • Noman Paints
  • Insaf Paint House
  • Maqbool Paint store
  • Paint World
  • Doctor Color Nippon Paint
  • Younas Paint House

Best things about Nippon paints

  • Nippon Paint is offering both token and without-token paint, you will have two options to choose from, but remember not all paints are available in token buckets.
  • It’s one of the largest and oldest paint brands in Pakistan, and due to this reason, they are highly expert and professional in their field.
  • The company is offering a great range of color combinations, every time you select the same color will be exactly the same as the previous one.
  • Nippon paint without tokens is normally high in quality than token paint.
  • All paint buckets are sealed correctly, even bucket caps are made professionally, if you close the bucket after using some paint, it will stay fresh for a long time.
  • You will have more options to choose from, you can select a paint at cheaper as well as from expensive paint buckets.
  • One of the best things about Nippon is, it’s making the same quality paints for all their customers.


Is Nippon Paints a Pakistani company?

Nippon Paints is a Pakistani company selling high-quality paints in the Pakistani market.

What is the best-selling paint of Nippon Paints?

Primer and weather bond shields are one of the best-selling paints from all Nippon paints.

Is Nippon Paints making oil paints?

Yes, it is making oil paints for coating metal surfaces in a wide range of colors and types.


Nippon paints in our experience is one of the great decisions for painting walls, but keep in mind you don’t purchase the token Nippon paint. If your budget is very calculated for wall painting, go with Nippon Paint. It’s an international brand making quality-wise high paints for local and international customers. If you are here for commercial purposes or may be planning for investing in bulk for Nippon paints for further business, try to consult with experts in the industry having business experience specifically in the Paint industry.

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