Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan

Osaka battery price in Pakistan depends on the present market conditions in Pakistan due to which the prices for this and other batteries keep changing after a year or a 6 months time gap. Osaka is a parent brand from Kansai Japan but is a leading international brand, selling its products in Pakistan. Osaka is not just making ups friendly batteries but it is also producing a wide range from small to large for small bikes to big-sized cars.

Osaka batteries in comparison to other battery prices Pakistan are the middle price range battery giving a competitive edge from a decade to other UPS battery brands in Pakistan. Most people in Pakistan prefer Osaka batteries for their UPS compared to other battery low-priced battery companies due to the high-end technology Osaka uses to make its batteries last long.

osaka batteries
Osaka batteries

Osaka battery price list 2023

Osaka Battery ModelsAhRetail PriceEnd Price
Super43860 PKR1015PKR
Super651680 PKR1982 PKR
Super751680 PKR1982 PKR
Super872130 PKR2513 PKR
Super1092700 PKR3186 PKR
Supreme431170 PKR1381 PKR
Supreme4 Gel31180 PKR1392 PKR
Supreme652025 PKR2390 PKR
Supreme872730 PKR3221 PKR
Supreme1093540 PKR4177 PKR
NP5-1251850 PKR2183 PKR
NP7-127.22395 PKR2826 PKR
NP12-12123890 PKR4590 PKR
6GFM-18185570 PKR6573 PKR
12Gen-MR35 5PL205750 PKR6785 PKR
12Gen-MR45 7PL257300 PKR8614 PKR
S50RL+ 9PL348,940 PKR10,549 PKR
CR65L+ 11PL4010,125 PKR11,948 PKR
S65RL+ 11PL4011,000 PKR12,980 PKR
S70RL+ 12PL5011,900 PKR14,042 PKR
S75RL+ 9PL5011,800 PKR13,924 PKR
S85ZRL+ 11PL6013,375 PKR15,783 PKR
NS95RL+ 13PL7015,250 PKR17,995 PKR
S100A+ 11PL7215,000 PKR17,700 PKR
S105RL+ 13PL8015,800 PKR18,644 PKR
V110ZRL+ 15PL8517,950 PKR21,181 PKR
PlatinumT 125 15PL10020,450 PKR24,131 PKR
PlatinumP 135 17PL 10521,900 PKR25,842 PKR
PlatinumP 140 17PL11023,100 PKR27,258 PKR
PlatinumP 150 19PL11524,350 PKR28,733 PKR
PlatinumP 175S 19PL12027,500 PKR32,450 PKR
PlatinumP 180S 21PL13029,000 PKR34,220 PKR
PlatinumP 190S  23PL14530,250 PKR35,695 PKR
PlatinumP 200S 21PL13031,200 PKR36,816 PKR
PlatinumP 210S 23PL15534,180 PKR40,332 PKR
PlatinumP 225S 25PL17537,300 PKR44,014 PKR
PlatinumP 250S 27PL18038,900 PKR45,902 PKR
PlatinumP 260S 27PL18039,500 PKR46,610 PKR
PlatinumP 270S 31PL20044,800 PKR52,864 PKR
PlatinumP 290Z 33PL21547,650 PKR56,227 PKR
SR50 5PL205,750 PKR6,785 PKR
SR100A 9PL5512,800 PKR15,104 PKR
6LT1902529,400 PKR34,692 PKR
6LT2002933,300 PKR39,294 PKR
MF 40Gen RL 5PL206,050 PKR7,139 PKR
MF 50RL 9PL389,630 PKR11,363 PKR
MF 60RL 11PL4010,920 PKR12,886 PKR
MF 70RL 11PL4811,610 PKR13,700 PKR
MF 72RL 12PL4812,750 PKR15,045 PKR
MF 75RL 9PL5012,520 PKR14,774 PKR
MF 80RL 11PL7514,774 PKR17,346 PKR
MF 100RL 13PL8016,950 PKR20,001 PKR
MF 110RL 15PL9019,300 PKR22,774 PKR
MFD 55 11PL5520,350 PKR24,013 PKR
MFD 66 13PL6623,600 PKR27,848 PKR
MFD 88 17PL6830,500 PKR35,990 PKR
IPS 1200 19PL12029,950 PKR35,341 PKR
IPS 1300 21PL13032,400 PKR38,232 PKR
IPS 1600 23PL16035,400 PKR41,772 PKR
IPS 2000 25P17038,750 PKR45,725 PKR
TA1200 7PL12539,600 PKR46,728 PKR
TA1500 5PL14036,500 PKR43,070 PKR
TA1600 9PL15041,500 PKR48,970 PKR
TA1700 7PL17045,800 PKR54,044 PKR
TA2000 9PL23056,800 PKR67,024 PKR
TA1800 5PL18544,450 PKR52,451 PKR
TA2500 7PL23057,400 PKR67,732 PKR
TA3000 9PL26066,000 PKR77,880 PKR


Please be sure about the battery input and output before buying and the number of plates the battery has, which will be according to your UPS or car.

Above are all types of Osaka batteries you can choose according by seeing the number of plates, ampere per hour, and price according to your budget. Also be sure about the plates count in the battery which will be the actual battery power, the more the number of plates more will be the more efficiency and durability it will have.


Choosing the right and the best suitable Osaka battery for your purpose can be tricky if you are a non-techie person or an illiterate in this field. Always consult with an expert who has an expert level of knowledge of a similar industry in order to get positive results for your money spent.

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