Pak Fans Prices in Pakistan 2024

Pak fans prices are not same for all fans as different fans have different features. Pak Fansa is a famous and old Pakistani brand making quality and long lasting fans since 1945.

Pak Fans is not compromising on quality but they are producing high quality fans for all price ranges from high to low that a low budget customer can also afford.

Pak Fans Prices By Category

Fan TypesPrice
Ceiling Fans
Smart6600 Pkr
Delux5550 Pkr
Super Delux6700 Pkr
Jazz5800 Pkr
Classic Super5900 Pkr
Hilux6000 Pkr
Golden Eye6100 Pkr
Galaxy Gold6100 Pkr
VIP Decoration6700 Pkr
UFO6700 Pkr
Pride7300 Pkr
Majestic9900 Pkr
Elegance10000 Pkr
Elegance Plus12100 Pkr
Floral Class Light8700 Pkr
Exhaust Fans
Exhaust Single Action3600 Pkr
Exhaust Metal Black3650 Pkr
Exhaust Double Action3650 Pkr
Exhaust Metal Round3650 Pkr
Window Exhaust2000 Pkr
Exhaust False Ceiling2850 Pkr
Exhaust False Ceiling Plus3000 Pkr
Exhaust Metal Square3250 Pkr
AC/DC Dual Power Fans
Floral7200 Pkr
Diamond 7500 Pkr
Pride7550 Pkr
Aspire7850 Pkr
Antique8500 Pkr
Crystal 6700 Pkr
Delux7000 Pkr
Pedestal7000 Pkr
Bracket Fans
Mega Bracket6400 Pkr
Super King VIP6700 Pkr
Bracket9100 Pkr
Super King Basic4100 Pkr
Circo Standard5900 Pkr
Table Fans
TCP6000 Pkr
MTCP5900 Pkr
Meeran Model6800 Pkr
Table Fans Band Switch4250 Pkr
Pedestal Fans
Pedestal Mist Fan17300 Pkr
Pedestal Industrial9700 Pkr
NTCP Remote Control Fan7650 Pkr
Pedestal Basic Fan7000 Pkr

Pak Fans Categories

As this company is a leading company of the electronic industry specially in fans and manufacturing all types of fans from ceiling to stand fansa and heavy duty fans. Following are fans categories:

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Table Fans
  • Pedestal Fans
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Bracket Fans
  • AC/Dc Dual Power Fansa

The beauty of Pak Fans company is they are making copper winding fans with water proof technology. The benefits of copper winding in fans is that these fans use low amount of electricity and give high performance in very minimum use of energy.

Copper windings in fans are successful after aluminum windings, becuase copper windings are very good in current transmission without any distortion and energy wastage.


If you are going to buy Pak Fans then you are making a right decision, because this company fans are made of high quality material and are long lasting. The best thing about these fans are: these are ranges from low to high prices. Different people of different budgets can afford these fans easily. These fans have a number of features that a normal fan company is not making.

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