Park View City Islamabad Downtown  | An Amazing Project to Invest Hard Earned Money

With new societies and housing schemes taking a recent haul, Park View City Islamabad is taking a turn in developing Pakistan’s first downtown lake and walk area along with the Parkview Mall. Development of the downtown in the heart of the city and with the lake sprinkling to it has everyone talking.  

Park View City Islamabad has installed many attractions for investors and has so much more in stores. With its downtown developing and captivating lake attracts tourists and investors alike.   

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Park View City Downtown  

A vision under construction here at Park View Islamabad is among the best tourist attractions, emerging as the modern-era hyped urban one-stop shopping and food destination. With bundles of shops and food courts, downtown gives everything in one place.  

Park View City Downtown Lake  

100 Kanal Sprawling Spreading Artificial Lake and Pakistan’s largest and most captivating dancing fountain, set to enchant and mesmerise the spectators, are scheduled to be displayed on December 31st, 2023.   

Park View City Walk  

Adding even more mesmerisation to the Park View Downtown, the Walk gives a more vibrant promenade running alongside the majestic Lake, making it the perfect destination for locals and tourists alike.   

Park View Mall  

While the downtown area has all the shops and brands available, Parkview has filled any gap by adding a mall near the downtown area, leaving no stone unturned. The Mall facilitates shopping for visitors with ease and a perfect environment for shopping.   

Other Attractions  

Park View City has many attractions apart from the downtown and majestic Lake. There is the development of green communities, parks, underground electricity, commercial hubs, a Dancing Fountain and more to look forward to.  

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Final Words  

Park View City Islamabad is developing to be one of the most significant housing projects in the near future, and it has added the best possible attractions, bringing investors, national and international, to invest in it.   

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