Petrol Prices in Pakistan Today 2023

Petrol prices are the most volatile and continuously changing in Pakistan. Petrol prices in Pakistan highly depend on the governmental purchase of raw petroleum from foreign Arab countries. Also, the biggest factor that affects fuel prices is the international market rate of petrol.

Petrol rates are continuously increasing in the whole world as we are moving towards a global shortage of fossil fuels. Fuel prices are playing a great role from the time transportation technology took use of mechanical fuel engines because all types of global and local trades are taking place inly due to fuels now.

New Petrol Rates Today

Petrol TypeRate/L
Premium OR Super269.60 Pkr
High Speed Diesel 258 PKR
Light Speed Diesel152.68 PKR
Pakistan petrol price today in rupees

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Authorized petrol providers in Pakistan (retail)

The petrol station is the most common and hot business in Pakistan as the automotive industry is growing quickly. As the industry is growing there are many unauthorized retail petrol suppliers in the market providing low-quality and unmeasured fuel to their customers, however, following are some authorized and famous fuel suppliers of Pakistan:

  • Pakistan State Oil (PSO)
  • Popular Petrol and Service Station (PBS)
  • Blue Sky
  • Crown Petroleum
  • Crystal Petroleum Service Station
  • Speed Bird Petroleum
  • Aftab Petroleum Services
  • Asian Petroelum (CTX)
  • Asad Petroleum Services
  • Al-Imad Petroleum Services

Buying low-quality petrol from unauthorized retailers can severely harm your car or bike engine, always try to choose a well-known and authorized petrol provider from the market.

Authorized Petrol Refineries (B2B)

B2B petrol refineries in Pakistan are only selling fuels to retailers in bulk quantities.There are only a few refineries in Pakistan that are working at a government level for refining petrol as follows:

  • Attock Petroleum Limited (APL)
  • Attock Refinery Limited (ARL)
  • Cnergyico 
  • Fuel Extraction Pakistan (FEL)
  • Hascol Petroleum
  • KPK Oil and GAs company
  • Mari Petroleum
  • National Refinery Limited
  • Oil and Gas Development Company
  • Pak Arab Refinery
  • Pakistan Oil Fields Limited
  • Pakistan Petroleum
  • Pakistan Refinery Limited
  • Pakistan State Oil
  • Puma Energy Pakistan
  • Shell Pakistan
  • Total Parco
  • United Energy Pakistan


Is Pakistan refining its own petrol?

Yes, Pakistan is currently refining its own petrol from crude oil but at a smaller scale, the rest of the petrol is being imported from other countries.


If you are looking to buy petrol or other oil product, always purchase from an authorized supplier or you will lose your customer or goodwill. Try to choose oil providers from the above list if you are looking for B2B dealership for your fuel station.

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