Phoenix Battery Price in Pakistan

Phoneix battery price in Pakistan fluctuates very similarly to other battery brands in Pakistan. Phoenix is the second most famous battery manufacturer in Pakistan working since 2005 with a parent name Century Industry Pvt Ltd with a great network of distributors and retailers in the local industry.

Battery price in Pakistan has reached a remarkable level in the history of Pakistan due to inflated rates. Phoenix is a middle-level level brand with normal to good quality with very affordable prices for every type of consumer.

phoenix batteries
Phoenix batteries

Phoenix battery rate list 2023

Phoenix Battery ModelsPrice
UGS 55 9PL6260 PKR
UGS 90 11PL10000 PKR
UGS 125 15PL14700 PKR
UGS 140 17PL15800 PKR
UGS 175 21PL16500 PKR
UGLT 200 Special Edition 23PL21500 PKR
UGS 205 23PL22800 PKR
UGS 205 Limited Edition 23PL22800 PKR
UGS 220 25PL24000 PKR
XP 50 Plus R/L 9PL6000 PKR
XP 60 L 11PL7000 PKR
XP 70 R/L 13PL8400 PKR
XPO 75 R 9PL8200 PKR
XP 85 R/L 11PL9400 PKR
XP 95 R/L 13PL11300 PKR
XP 100 R 11PL10000 PKR
XP 105 R 13PL11300 PKR
XP 110 R/L 15PL12000 PKR
EXT 125 15PL14500 PKR
EXT 130 17PL15000 PKR
XP 135 17PL15400 PKR
XP 145 19PL16000 PKR
XP 165 21PL17800 PKR
XP 170 R 21PL 18000 PKR
XP 185 23PL19800 PKR
XP 200 + 23PL23000 PKR
XP 210 25PL23500 PKR
XP 230 27PL26500 PKR
XP 250 31PL32300 PKR
XP 260 33PL34000 PKR
4DLT 180 23PL20000 PKR
4DLT 205 27PL23500 PKR
CNG 55 9PL6000 PKR
CNG 65 11PL7200 PKR
R40 7PL4400 PKR
GSb 35 5PL4300 PKR
Euromax 55 9PL6400 PKR
Euromax  65 11PL7100 PKR
Euromax  85 9PL8700 PKR
Euromax 110 11PL11500 PKR
TX 600  5PL12500 PKR
TX 700 5PL13000 PKR
TX 1000 5PL14500 PKR
TX 1100 7PL24000 PKR
TX 1200 7PL26800 PKR
TX 1400 9PL29500 PKR
TX 1800 5PL28800 PKR
TX 2500 7PL36000 PKR
TX 3000 7PL37000 PKR
TX 3500 9PL44500 PKR
  • Above are the Phoneix battery price in Pakistan from minimum to low with the amperes and number of built-in plates they have. All the models or categories of phoenix batteries are mentioned which are the UGS series, XP series, EXT series, DLT series, CNG, GSB, Euromax, and TX series. A good thing about phoenix is that it offers a number of services with a diver range of plate numbers.


Prices can differ according to your current location from where you are purchasing the Phoneix battery as Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.


Do not buy any phoenix batteries in a hurry unless you do proper research on the features the battery offers and most importantly the purpose for which you are going to use the battery. Try to consult with your friends or relatives before actually spending money on any battery type.

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