Plywood Door Price in Pakistan 2023

Plywood door prices in Pakistan are not the same for all cities. Prices may vary for bulk purchasers and for those who are looking to buy such doors in small quantities. Purchasing plywood doors in bulk can cost less for more units, while single-unit buying can cost more than bulk purchases.

Home decoration and home improvement is the second most important part after whole home construction. Buying home improvement materials can be costly for some people but in the Pakistani market, all rates for plywood doors are available for all types of buyers.

plywood doors
plywood doors

Plywood Door in Pakistan Price Chart

Plywood door typesMeasurement in Cubic FeetPrice
Ashwoodcft5000 Pkr
Local Kail Woodcft3200 Pkr
Malaysian Plywood Doorcft5200 Pkr
Oakwoodcft2800 Pkr
Popular woodcft3200 Pkr
Partial woodcft1500 Pkr
Deodar woodcft4500 Pkr

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Plywood doors suppliers in Pakistan

There is plenty of wooden door suppliers available in Pakistan, you can purchase form. Following are some good and quality-wise authentic suppliers selling such doors in Pakistan:

  1. Pak Doors.
  2. Karachi Plywood Center.
  3. Hafeez Plywood and Doors.
  4. Pakistan Timber Store Wood.
  5. Wood World Plywood Industries.
  6. Mughal Doors.
  7. Ali Plywood and Hardware.
  8. Azhar Wood Works and Flash Doors.
  9. Usman Plywood Store.
  10. M Latif BRothers.
  11. Royal Doors and Wood Works.
  12. Haji Khalil Plywood.
  13. New Arshad Plywood and Hardware.
  14. Plydoors Lahore.
  15. Wood Mark Doors Manufacturers.
  16. Hairy Plywood Industries.
  17. Vicky plywoods Company.

Plywood doors are easily available in all cities of Pakistan including, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, and all other regions.

Advantages and disadvantages of plywood doors


  • Plywood doors are made of multiple layers of wooden plies attached using an adhesive bond.
  • Plywood doors are tough and more durable than metal doors.
  •  They are made of wooden material and are more cost-effective than other door types.
  • Wooden doors are available in the Pakistani market in different price ranges and quality.
  • You can also make custom plywood doors according to your own design as there are many expert designer companies available in Pakistan.
  • They are affordable and you can easily install them after your home construction project.


  • As they are made of wood, you have to save them from getting water, otherwise, their wooden ply may get swollen and damaged.
  • Thin wooden doors are not as durable as doors with multiple wooden ply layers.
  • You may not be able to install auto-locks in wooden ply doors.
  • Wooden ply doors can catch fire easily.
  • The color may not be the same or matching to your overall home wall paint. In case you want to paint them, the final texture and color may also not match you wall paint exactly.
  • As they are made of multiple wooden plies, chances are they may get damaged in humid weather and their plie may get detached from each other.


Are plywood doors ecofriendly?

Its an obvious thing that plywood doors are made of wood which is a complete organic material and organic materials are always eco-friendly.

Are plywood doors long lasting?

Yes plywood doors are long-lasting material than metal doors because wood does not get rust.


Always chose quality-wise good doors withy multi-layers plies for your home decoration and improvement projects. Choosing a good quality door from an authentic supplier will make your home improvement project go long run. Looking at an above-mentioned price you can have a clear estimate of plywood door rates in Pakistan.

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