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Poultry feed prices really matter for poultry farms. There are many factors that directly effects the feed rates locally. Poultry feed manufacturing is an individual industry operating in Pakistan at small to larger scales and producing a bulk quantity both domestically and internationally.

Poultry feed is a mixture of many different organic compounds that chicken loves to feed on. Such feeds are majorly made of both leafy greens and vegetables and a big portion of meat and waste animal organs. Chicken feed is famously known as murghi dana in Pakistan has prices according to the present economical condition of the industry.

poultry feeds
poultry feed price in pakistan today

Updated Poultry Feed Rates in Pakistan

Feed#Feed TypesPrice Per 50 Kg
11Basic chick crumbs5250-3300 Pkr
12Layer Broiler grower crumbs3250-3315 Pkr
13Layer crumbs3185-3350 Pkr
13 sBroiler cage crumbs3200-3300 Pkr
14Broiler pro basic crumbs3550-3650 Pkr
14 sPro starter crumbs3690-3720 Pkr
14 s1Broiler grower crumbs3625-3700 Pkr
14 s2Controlled broiler finisher crumbs3610-3650 Pkr
14 s2mMedicated broiler finisher crumbs3675-3700 Pkr
14 s3mBroiler finisher crumbs3675-3710 Pkr
15Broiler finisher crumbs3600-3700 Pkr
16Basic breeder starter crumbs3425-3500 Pkr
17Breeder grower crumbs3405-3450 Pkr
18Pro breeder crumbs3425-3475 Pkr
19Breeder crumbs3425-3520 Pkr
poultry feeds price list

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Feed brands in Pakistan

PPA or Pakistan Poultry Association is a government authority under which all feed brands and poultry farms operate. This organization is the one that sets the local prices of chicken feeds for poultry farmers. Following are feed brands working accordingly in this government body:

  • Jadeed Feeds
  • Chaudhary Feeds
  • Crystal Feeds
  • Shabbir Feeds
  • JSK Feeds
  • Asia Feeds
  • Islamabad Feeds
  • Hi-Tech feeds
  • Ghani Halal Feeds
  • Mukhtar Feeds
  • National feeds
  • Sadiq feeds
  • Oranj feeds
  • Shahzor Feeds

Pros and cons of using poultry feeds for your chicken


  • Better nutrition for your chicks ultimately helps in the proper growth of your chickens.
  • Feeding poultry feed to your chicken helps the fast growth of your chicks.
  • Heavyweight gains in the meat of your chicken if you are dealing in poultry farming specifically for meat production.
  • It increases the immunity of your chickens.
  • It can make your hens lay eggs more often, but keep in mind it can affect the long-term ability of egg laying.


  • Due to excessive nutritious chemical usage in poultry feed production may decrease the life span of your chickens.
  • Using this feed for enhancing the egg laying ability of your hens can result in decreased egg-laying ability in the long run.

How chicken feed is made

  • Chicken feed is necessary for all the nutritional requirements of chicks in poultry farms. This feed is full of nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals. A small chick requires a low dietary feed.
  • The most basic and foundational ingredient in chicken feed is corn. The dried corn is first crushed with a crusher until its size reaches 1 cm.
  • The dried and grinded grains are now ready to mix with other components: now macronutrients including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are ready to be mixed with crushed grains.
  • All these things are mixed and then treated with vitamins and minerals. Minerals and vitamins are highly calculated for chicks, new born or little chicks require very low potency of feed. So a basic feed type is extracted from the mixture for really small chicks. 
  • After this, some more vitamins, and minerals are added to the feed mixture to make it more potent and stronger for big-sized chicks. After adding more micronutrients to the mixture: the mixture go through more grinding sessions and then finally some heat and essential oils are added.
  • Now a little feed sample goes passes a lab test to determine whether it is suitable for both little-sized and large-sized chicks. After passing the test, the feed is ready to dispatch in packaging bags.

Which poultry feed is used for eggs?

Poultry feed number 13 is used for enhancing egg laying ability of hens, this feed is also called as layer crumbs.


If you are a poultry farmer or operating any local poultry farm, chances are you are here because you are going to purchase a bulk quantity of feed for your chicks. If you think you are not an industry person, and do not have enough knowledge about the field, do consult with an expert before taking a step for a larger scale. Inexperienced steps in the industry can cost you a big loss.

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