PPRC Pipe and Fitting Prices in Pakistan

PPRC pipes price in Pakistan varies on the basis of the PPRC pipe brand and the quality of the pipe you are buying. Pakistani market is a great market for sanitary and pipe fittings with a great variety and brands working. These days PPRC pipes are the most commonly used pipes in post-construction of houses.

PPRC’s full form is Polypropylene Random Copolymer a thermoplastic chemical material used in making high-quality, durable, and non-leakage pipes for water transportation in buildings. You will get PPRC pipes in two major sizes 25mm and 32mm with different price tags according to the quantity of pipe you purchase. In today’s date, PPRC pipes and PVC pipes are more often used as compared to steel pipes.

pprc pipes and fittings
pprc pipes and fittings

PPRC pipes rate list

PPRC Pipe Brands25mm Price32mm Price
Adam Jee PPRC Pipe PN16790 PKR1080 PKR
Adam Jee PPRC Pipe PN20830 PKR1130 PKR
Popular Pipe PN16890 PKR1050 PKR
Popular Pipe PN20950 PKR1150 PKR

PPRC Fittings price list

PPRC Accessories/Fittings25mm32mm
Elbow30 PKR50 PKR
Tee35 PKR55 PKR
Socket20 PKR35 PKR
Gate Valve 450 PKR650 PKR
Plug20 PKR30 PKR
End Cap25 PKR35 PKR
Union Plain80 PKR110 PKR
Over Cross60 PKR80 PKR

PPRC Pipe Dimensions

Size in mmExternal Diameter RangeSheet ThicknessWeight/mm

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Features of PPRC pipes

  • PPRC pipe price is economical and cost-effective, this is not a mechanical feature of this pipe, but it can be an economical friendly feature, due to which even Pakistani people with very calculated budgets can afford this pipe.
  • The inline and outer surface of this pipe material is highly proof to some concentrated chemical materials, such chemicals can create damage to the pipeline at an extreme level. This materialistic feature of this pipe allows this pipe to transfer any kind of liquid from it without any impurity or harmful chemical substance added.
  • The compactness of this pipe helps to keep the water quality inside and maintains the taste, smell, and safety of the water.
  • Another feature of its compactness does benefits in getting high water pressure from taps.
  • These pipes are very easily adjustable in congested areas or small houses. You can even easily cut them from any area and attach a new piece of pipe by using a special heater gun.

Pros and cons of PPRC pipe

PPRC pipes are new-generation pipes made by keeping in mind the cons of previous steel pipe types, however, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of PPRC pipes if you are serious about these pipes or in the future going to spend your money on them.


  • These pipes are bendable, you can even cut these pipes accordingly and can reconnect or rebond two separate pipe pieces using a heat gun. In short, these pipes are easy to use and handy to install at any place.
  • PPRC material does not get rusted as compared to steel or other metal-made pipes.
  • In case your PPRC pipe gets leaked or bursts from any specific point, you can use a heat gun to restore the pipe leakage.
  • These pipes are low in weight and for this reason, they can be transported easily to anywhere you want, also these pipes, if installed in your building, will not increase the overall weight of your building.
  • Normally these pipes go longer in life in comparison to metal-made pipes.
  • The biggest benefit of using these pipes is, these pipes do not get fungus growth on external pipeline surfaces, for this reason, your transported water will not be contaminated and you will be safe from future health risks.
  • PPRC pipes are flexible, you can even bend them to an extent, this unique feature does also allow them to tolerate massive weightage. 
  • As these are commonly used in Pakistan, its accessories which are normally called fittings, are easily and readily available in every size and quality type in the market.
  • The material used in a PPRC pipe also works as an insulator, in summer or extremely hot season, the water traveling inside this pipe will get heated to extremes.


  • There is nearly not any serious con or disadvantage seen for PPRC pipe usage in buildings. A very common disadvantage is that you must have some special tools to install these pipes.
  • You can’t connect a metal pipe and a PPRC or a plastic pipe, this is possible but not a feasible for long run.


What is the highest pressure range PPRC pipe can handle?

The highest pressure range PPRC pipe can carry is 1.25-1.27 mpa.

Which pipe is best for carrying high-pressure groundwater?

PPRC pipes are best at uptaking high-pressure water but are not more than uPVC pipes, yes, PVC pipes can take more pressure water than PPRC pipes.


Before going to purchase PPRC pipe, you must have enough information regarding this new generation pipe. There are hundreds of companies selling this pipe, but there is no guaranty that all are selling genuine or high quality pipes. To purchase a high quality pipe from the market, you must have enough knowledge about this pipe and its features. In a traditional way, you can also take any of your friends or a family member to market who have enough knowledge or experience about this newly introduced pipe category.

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