PVC Ceiling Rates in Pakistan

PVC ceiling is made of the same material as regular PVC doors. PVC ceiling is an affordable, long-lasting, and charming ceiling to be used in modern home designs to 10x your home’s beauty. PVC ceilings can be used anywhere, from your newly built homes, office, or even your car dashboard or roof can also be of PVC material.

PVC ceilings in Pakistan come at different rates according to the base material used in them. You can choose such ceilings from low to high rates according to your home decor budget, but choosing a high-quality ceiling is a must and obvious for you if you want your home looks long-term beautiful. Always try to invest in the high-quality ceiling over quantity.

pvc ceilings
PVC ceilings

PVC Ceiling market Prices in Pakistan

PVC Ceiling TypeRate
PVC Foot Matt350 Pkr
PVC Car Ceiling 480 Pkr
Fan Blades Cover
PVC Fan Blades A1850 Pkr
PVC Fan Blades A2830 Pkr
PVC Fan Blades A3721 Pkr
PVC Fan Blades A4580 Pkr
PVC Fan Blades A5478 Pkr
PVC Fan Blades A6323 Pkr


All the rates for PVC ceiling are collected according to present conditions going on in the market like Lahore, Multan, Vehari, Faisalabad, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, DG Khan, DI Khan, Karachi, Hyderabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnager, Abbottabad, Azad Kashmir, Gujarat, and Peshawar.

Pros and cons and PVC ceiling

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, PVC ceilings is also recorded to show their own pros and cons when you use them.


  • They are not expensive in terms of money, everyone can afford them according to their budget.
  • They look very beautiful and professional like European-style homes, this way they increase the beauty of your home.
  • They are very uncomplicated to install, but an experienced person should always be preferred to install them on your roofing.
  • They are easily customizable, you can easily cut them from anywhere or even you also again attach the separated part using specialized pvc gum.
  • You can design their surface and paint them accordingly, the paint texture will look very clean because it does not absorb liquid material.
  • As they don’t absorb liquid, they will block the humidity from home walls entering your room, this feature also makes such ceilings long-lasting.


  • Installing chillers in your PVC ceiling walls can be tricky, it sometimes make huge damage to your ceiling.
  • Once you have installed the ceiling, the removal of the whole roof ceiling is not easy.
  • Only professional ceiling workers or home decors can manage such ceilings.


Is it true that PVC ceiling are insulated material?

PVC ceiling work as an insulator in your roofing , but they are insulator to an extent. they are not as insulator as traditional plaster ceilings.

Can I replace PVC ceilings when I want?

yes you can replace them according to your need or remove them easily whenever you want, these are easily installable and removable as they are available in square shapes.

Can PVC ceilings catch fire?

Yes PVC ceiling can catch fire easily, you must take care of them and be aware of them that they do not get any contact with high heat or fire in your place.


Do you think you are inexperienced in bulk purchasing for PVC ceilings from the market? You can take suggestions from a person having experience with PVC ceilings in Pakistan, or you can also take someone expert related to this with you in the market. If you spend money on bulk purchases without having any experience, chances are you may get low-quality stuff for a high price.

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