PVC Doors Prices in Pakistan 2023

PVC door prices in Pakistan are set according to the import and customs charges. There are very few companies mankind PVC door panels in Pakistan. However, they are being imported from China till now and very popular being used as post construction material.

PVC door panel prices are distributed in Pkr per square foot is a very cheap and affordable solution due to all the functionalities being ready-made available in this door. This door is very easy to fit and it is made of fiberglass which makes this door a long-lasting product. 

pvc doors
PVC doors

PVC door price list in Pakistan 

LahorePkr 350/sqft
FaisalabadPkr 350/sqft 
KarachiPkr 550/sqft
GujranwalaPkr 350/sqft
SialkotPkr 550/sqft
Multan Pkr 300/sqft
PeshawarPkr 400/sqft
IslamabadPkr 550/sqft

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PVC door companies in Pakistan

Pakistani market is new for PVC doors, but slowly the number of companies increasing that started manufacturing these door panels at very affordable rates. Following are companies producing PVC doors specially for the Pakistani market:

  • Amaan uPVc Doors and Windows
  • Pak Doors
  • Zealcon uPVC Windows Pvt Ltd
  • Sunshine Wintech German Rehau 
  • UPC Windows
  • Green Heritage
  • Unitherm UPVC Windows
  • Pakistan Profiles Company
  • Pak Dimez UPVC Windows and Doors
  • V-make UPVC
  • Kraft Line Engineering
  • Majestic UPVC windows
  • Alpha Services UPVC
  • AG Holzzmann UPVC Windows and Doors
  • Win Glass UPVC Doors and Windows
  • Living Standard
  • Framez UPVc Doors and Windows

Pros and cons of using PVC doors


  • Multi-purpose: These doors are being used in Pakistan for many purposes: they can be used as toilet PVC doors, for bedrooms, for guest rooms, and for kitchen doors as well. The beauty of these doors is that they are useable for multiple purposes, and are available in all sizes.
  • Long lasting: These doors are made of fiber sheets, this sheet is highly waterproof and does not let water flow in. This ability saves this door from getting rust and fungal layer which ultimately makes it a long life.
  • Modern style: These doors are designed very beautifully that can be fit and suitable to every type of room.
  • Cheap and Affordable: These doors are available in the market at very low rates that anybody can afford for his/her home and commercial projects.
  • Easy to install: These doors do not require a lot of work for fitting, only a slim wooden chokat is enough to fit all the buckles of this door which requires only 10-15 minutes of work.
  • Easy Available: PVC doors are easily available at your nearest retail hardware shop or any retail furniture shop.


  • Most of the time PVC doors are not repairable in case they get major damage to the body.
  • They are cost-effective, but not for some people with low budget.


What materials is used in PVC doors?

PVC is specialized flexible plastic material used in doors, it is flexible and non-absorbant to water, for this reason they are long in life from installation.


If you are looking to buy PVC doors for your home or for your commercial projects, you are making the right decision because these doors are durable and available at very low prices. You will not regret purchasing these doors for any of your projects.

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