PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan

PVC pipes come in different types and sizes due to which their actual price may vary. PVC pipes are unique plastic-type pipes highly durable and longlasting pipes. These pipes are famous because of the feature they have of maintaining water pressure inside without any damage to the pipe surfaces.

These pipes are easily customizable as you can cut them from any part, or you can also mold them by just heating them according to your need. PVC pipes are made of a material called polyvinyl chloride which is very helpful in maintaining pipe health. These are most commonly used under sewerage and also for bulk water transportation.

pvc pipes
PVC Pipes

All the sewerage or any water work of the home comes after the complete construction of the home, some pre-steps are always required to be done during construction. Many people in Pakistan also use PPRC pipes instead of PVC but in actual, PVC pipes are completely of different purpose.

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PVC pipe price list in Pakistan

Pipe Hollow SizeUnit length in FeetPrice
1 inch 13 ft290 PKR
ΒΌ inch13 ft390 PKR
2 inches13 ft400 PKR
2 inches double thickness13 ft750 PKR
3 inches13 ft1200 PKR
4 inches13 ft1400 PKR
5 inches13 ft2300 PKR
6 inches13 ft3300 PKR
4 inches13 ft1600 PKR
4 inches13 ft1450 PKR
4 inches13 ft1200 PKR
4 inches13 ft950 PKR
4 inches1 ft25 PKR
4 inches1 ft111 PKR
4 inches1 ft92 PKR
4 inches1 ft75 PKR

The inner hollow surface of these pipes is very smooth, due to which the water drainage is very fast. Slow water drainage due to the rough inner surface causes the pipe to get more damage. The rough surface inside cause fats to settle which increases the chances of blockages increases.

Important Notice

All PVC pipe rates are collected according to the major cities in Pakistan like Multan, Vehari, Karachi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Lahore, Bahawalpur, Bahwalnagar, Peshawar, Quetta, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Mandi Bahaudin, Toba Tek Singh, DG Khan, DI Khan, Sukkur, and Talagang.

PVC pipe suppliers and manufacturers in Pakistan

Pakistani pipe industry is a rich industry in the case of pipes where you will find hundreds and thousands of suppliers and manufacturers for this. Following are some chosen suppliers of PVC pipes in Pakistan:

  • Plasco Pipes and Industries Private Ltd
  • Minhas Pipes and Fittings
  • Alsafa pipes
  • Beta Pipes
  • Master Pipes Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Xperia Pipes and Fittings
  • AGM GM Paktherm Qtherm Pipes
  • New Tech Pipes
  • All Pakistan PVC Pipes
  • PVC City
  • FiveStar groups
  • Goodwill Plastic Industries
  • Alpha Pipes

Pros and cons of using PVC pipes

PVC pipes are very much affordable and very advantageous to use in residential or commercial buildings. There is almost no con or disadvantage present to using this pipe, however, the following are some benefits and disadvantages of utilizing this pipe:


  • These pipes are highly resistant to corrosion or rust, due to which they go for longer periods of time.
  • PVC pipes are easy to mold from anywhere on the surface by just applying blower heat.
  • You can laminate a PVC pipe on a PVC pipe for extra protection by just heating it. Heating its hollow or diameter can increase the size accordingly.
  • These are multi-purpose pipes, that can be used in sewerage systems or on motor turbines pulling water from depths.
  • Very easy to install at any place you want.
  • For extra safety, you can also put cement on the surface.
  • You can attach two different pieces of PVC pipes by just applying glue at both ends.
  • If you have two separate pieces of PVC pipes one is larger and the second is smaller, you can even attach both by just heating ends.
  • PVC pipes are best in maintaining the water cleanliness if you are using to pull water out of boring.
  • A bacteria on the surface of PVC pipe cant survive for long because this pipe does not retain any impurity for long.
  • These pipes are durable than metal pipes as they don’t get rusted when contacted with water.


  • If gets damaged due to any strong hit, sometimes may not be repairable, you may have a buy a new one and install it from scratch.

Why use PVC pipe instead of regular pipe

  • PVC pipe price in Pakistan is reasonable as compared to other metal pipes.
  • Another reason you should use PVC pipe instead of other pipes is, these pipes will cost you only one time due to their extra long life in comparison to regular pipes.
  • As they are made of specialized plastic material, there are low to no chances of them getting rusted, due to which they go extra mile in life and you will not have to replace them once they are installed.
  • PVC is a non-breakable flexible material, so there are minimal chances of leakage or breakage from the pipe surface.
  • As other pipes have screws at their end for junction, PVC pipes do not have screw junctions, you simply have to apply glue on the end for attachment of new pipe, once they are attached using glue, they will never get separated easily.
  • Due to their long life and adhesiveness, these are very commonly used in large water projects as in water borings.
  • There is a great number of industries making PVC pipes and other materials in Pakistan, because of which its cost is not very high which is not the case in some other foreign countries.


Are PVC pipes bendable?

Yes, PVC pipes are bendable at greater extent, you can easily bend and even mold then in attaching a new separate pipe piece.

Can I use PVC pipes for installation in boring project?

In-fact PVC pipes in boring are the only best option available in Pakistan, using such pipes in boring, you will not only save a lot of money, but you will maintain the water quality.


Be aware of copy or low-quality pvc pipes available in some local markets in Pakistan. Using third-class pipes in your building projects will be harmful in the long run and will not be safe for the overall structure of your constructed building or home. Do consult with an expert plumber for a better choice or with an industry expert.

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