Sand Prices in Pakistan 2023

Sand prices depend on the whole construction industry in Pakistan. All the sand rates are not constantly changing but they are increasing day by day as the inflation rate is increasing globally. Sand pricing is most of the time considered and set by government defense authority but in some cases local people are also dealing in their personal prices.

In the present era sand is used in the form of bricks in house making but in the ancient era, the whole house was made out of sand clay. Whether it is the present or the past the only thing that keeps important is price. So let’s see the prices of Sand in Pakistan.


Sand trolley rate in pakistan

Sand Brands UnitPrice
Chanab Sand A+ Trolley    1250 CFT   77,500 Pkr
Chanab Sand B Trolley     1250 CFT    71,500 Pkr
Chanab Sand C Trolley    1250 CFT    65,200 Pkr
Head Qadirabad Trolley      900 CFT    77,500 Pkr
Lawrencepur/Hallow Trolley      1250 CFT     142,500 Pkr
Ravi Sand Trolley      900 CFT    30,000 Pkr
Ravi Gassu  Trolley      900 CFT    26,000 Pkr
Sheikhapura Trolley      900 CFT    39,600 Pkr

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sand rate in pakistan

Most of the sand resources in Pakistan are under the operation of the Pakistan Defense authority. There are also many resources that are being operated by local Pakistani people. If you take sand trolly from defense authority that is perfect in terms of price and quantity.

Try to not buy sand from local people because the element of price and quantity measurement will always be the issue in this case.

Sand is a substance that plays a very important role in the construction of Buildings, Roads and also in pottery, etc. Sand is a raw material that is of so many types and colors. Sand is made out of two elements which are silica and oxygen. 

Types of sand used in construction

There are numerous types of sand in Pakistan used in the construction industry, it depends on the type of project. Following are some types of sand used in building materials:

  • Fine sand
  • River sand
  • M sand
  • Pit sand
  • Coarse sand
  • Concrete sand
  • Fill sand
  • Utility sand

Always try to consult with an industry experts before going to buy sand for your construction project.


If you are going to buy sand for your projects and you don’t have experience of the industry try to take someone industry expert with you. There are many fraudulent sellers selling low quantity than the actual quantity and rate.

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