Agri Seeds Price in Pakistan 2023

Seeds prices do matters as other agricultural materials in Pakistan because agriculture seeds are the base and raw material used to grow any crop. Seeds for different crops are sold at different rates in the Pakistani Agriculture industry.

See prices do not stick to one place and keep on changing through the year in the agriculture sector of Pakistan. Seeds rates matter most for Pakistani farmers because they do not have open budgets in the economy. 

agriculture seeds
Agriculture seeds in pakistan

Updated seeds rates in Pakistan

Seed NamesUnitPrice
Onion seeds1kg900-1150 PKR
Carrot seeds10kg7000-75000 PKR
White radish seeds1kg500-1000 PKR
Okra seeds1kg1000-1500 PKR
Wheat seeds50kg52000-56000 PKR
Bottle gourd seeds1kg500-600 PKR
Cotton seeds fuzzy1kg500-700 PKR
Maiz hybrid20kg29000-3000 PKR
Turnip seeds1kg600-700 PKR
Moong seeds10kg1600-1900 PKR
Potato seeds50kg4000-7500 PKR
Paddy seeds5kg7000-9300 PKR
Sorghum seeds10kg1300-1500 PKR
Raya seeds5kg1400-1500 PKR
Canola seeds5kg1500-1600 PKR
Barseem seeds5kg2700-3000 PKR
Gram seeds30kg7000-7200 PKR
seed price in pakistan

Important Notice

Seed price may be different in your region like Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Vehari, Peshawar, Quetta, Sukkur, Abbottabad, Azad Kashmir, Kot Adu, Layyah, Burewala, Mandi Bahauddin, Bahwalnagar, Bahawalpur, Toba Tek Singh, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Shakargarh, Dg Khan, DI Khan, Gujarat and Jhelum.

Best seeds suppliers in Pakistan

Pakistani Agri market is a hub for agricultural commodities with a variety of agricultural goods. You can find dozens of seed types of every quality in Pakistan. Following are some seeds suppliers working for a long time in Pakistan:

  • Rasheed Seeds
  • Star Seeds Company
  • Agrimax Seeds & Sciences
  • Hajisons Seeds Suppliers
  • Bari Seeds
  • Sky Seeds
  • Kartarpur Seeds
  • Rachna Agri Traders
  • Al-Barkat Seed Store
  • Sialkot Seeds Store
  • Siddique Seeds Corporation
  • Bismillah Group of Companies
  • Pioneer Pakistan Seeds Pvt Limited
  • Sunny View Seed Store
  • Bio Gold Seeds Company
  • Shah G Agri Traders
  • City Seed
  • NTL Seed Company
  • Madina Seeds Company
  • Sh. Jugnoo Seeds merchant

Dos and donts while purchasing seeds


  • Always purchase a high-quality branded seed for your agriculture land.
  • Avoid low-quality or hybridized seed.
  • If you are buying seeds for your clients, do not compromise on understanding the actual need and want of your customer.
  • Ask about the type and progeny of the seed from your customer, remember that there are many kinds of a single seed.
  • Avoid purchasing extreme bulks for your shop of seeds that are seasonal as compared to other seeds, non-seasonal or regular seeds will sell like hot cakes from your shop.
  • Understand every seed’s biology in-depth to avoid fraud.
  • Before bulk quantity purchase, buy a small quantity of the seed, test it, show it to experts, then make any final decision to avoid the loss because most of the time Pakistani market seeds aren’t refundable.


  • Don’t place bulk purchased seeds in a humid place in your store, keep the temperature cool and dry, if your store’s at room temperature try to keep the environment dry at maximum level.
  • Do not place seeds without pest killers in sacs, also place poison biscuits in the corners of your store to avoid them from rats and mice.


What is the cheapest seed in Pakistan?

Vegetable seeds are the most cheapest seeds considered in the agriculture sector of Pakistan.


If you are looking to buy seeds for any of your agriculture projects for growing any crop. I recommend you put quality seeds in the soil from an authentic and registered supplier. Now seeds are available in many variations due to advancements in biotechnology in the market. Before actually purchasing seeds in bulk, try to take an expert or consult with an industry professional if you are new in this field or have no experience. Having low-quality or hybrid sees can damage your whole project and cost you huge losses.

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