Solar Inverters Prices in Pakistan

Solar inverters are now trending and very commonly being used by Pakistani people, for you to know collar inverter prices are important if you are planning to purchase it. Solar inverters are typically used with solar panels in Pakistan for energy output or as an energy backup.

It is most of the time used in commercial buildings for saving electricity costs, but many people are also utilizing this in their homes. Solar inverters cost a little bit higher than other inverters or ups because you can use a solar plate and also can use a battery with it as we do in other inverters. 

Solar inverters
Solar inverters

Solar inverters price list

Solar InvertersPrice
Hyundai70000-340000 PKR
Aerox Plus65500-85500 PKR
Nitrox129290-1200000 PKR
Hyundai65000-355000 PKR
Tesla68820-400000 PKR
Huawei170500-675000 PKR
Hyundia39200-626400 PKR
Knox175000-925000 PKR
Max Power27500-370700 PKR
Sajved Drive48500-410000 PKR
Sofar130000-1112000 PKR
Ziewnic175000-410000 PKR
Delta162000-96220 PKR
Growatt175000-1600000 PKR
Chint 305000-1837000 PKR
Solis132590-473000 PKR
Taifu69000-90000 PKR
Voltronic38500-77000 PKR
Saj Grid48000-215000PKR
Stabimatic17400-125000 PKR
GoodWe640000 PKR
SMA165000-640000 PKR
Crown Elego515000 PKR
NRE39000 PKR
Aotai153000-522000 PKR
SunGrow149850-829150 PKR
ONYX100000-440000 PKR

All these solar inverter prices are starting and ending prices for your estimation. All different models of different brands will always cost you differently according to the material used inside and the power output.


It’s complete;y normal if you experience different prices in your city. Prices for all will be distinct in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Vehari, Sukkur, Faisalabad, Jhang, Kot Addu, Mianwali, Azad Kashmir, Abbottabad, Gujarat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Mandi Bahuddin, DG Khan, DI Khan, and Toba Tek Singh.

Best solar inverter in Pakistan

As solar inverters come in the list of high-demand energy-serving products in Pakistan, so you will get a good amount of suppliers or companies selling solar inverters in Pakistan. Following are some best and top of the list solar inverters brands and dealers in Pakistan.

  • Goodwe Solar Inverters
  • Infini Inverters
  • Suntwin Inverters
  • SMA Solar Energy Inverters
  • Fronius Inverters
  • Huawei inverters
  • ABB Solar Charge Inverters
  • Solis Inverters

Pros and cons of solar inverters

Solar inverters are a big problem solver in the market, as they are completely on natural energy which is solar energy power. For this, you don’t have to worry about the electricity shortage problem, which is a big case of all time in Pakistan. You will find a good ratio of its benefits to its disadvantages.


  • Inverters that use solar energy, are completely cost-saving devices that use a natural and reversible resource such as sunlight to produce a good amount of energy for you.
  • Solar-charged inverters are a great deal of one-time cost and free electricity.
  • They are independent of the WAPDA electricity to give you energy output.
  • Are good converters of DC electricity to AC, even if they take the least amount of energy to convert DC-AC power.
  • Smaller in size, you will not have to arrange some extra space for its installation.
  • Easy to install, even you can yourself install it by just reading the manual with it.
  • If you use a night solar plate with it, it will be generating 24 hours of electricity for you.
  • The best thing to save money in this inflated world.
  • It can give direct electricity, or you can also save the amount of energy by using a regular battery with it.
  • If you are a shop owner, it will save you a lot of expenses in just one month of installation.
  • Due to less usage of wiring in it, it is safe from short circuits and is very low prone to catch fire.
  • Does not get heated up if you are constantly using it.
  • Compared to some other free energy systems, the upfront cost is very much low.
  • Due to single solar input energy, these are longer in life than other typical inverters and UPS.


  • Solar inverters are more costly than some other types of inverters and UPS. It Might not be affordable for very few users.
  • This is either not a con, or a pro, but you have to use solar panels with solar panels to get free energy.


Do solar inverters need a battery to be installed?

If you want electricity from it only in the daytime, then you don’t need this, but if you want a constant 24 hours of energy backup, then you must install a battery with it.

Do solar inverters need a solar plate?

Yes, they do, the solar panel will generate energy from sunlight and will transfer in DC volts to the solar inverter, then this inverter will transform the DC energy to AC for your use.

Is Pakistan making its own solar inverters?

There are imported solar inverters as well as locally made inverters available in Pakistan, most often they are imported from some other countries like China and USA.

Which company’s solar inverter is cheap and of good quality?

Tesla solar inverters are considered the most high-performing, affordable but not cheap inverters in Pakistan.


If you are planning to install solar inverters in your home or shop, this will be your best choice to save extra money as these are personally tested. In case you are thinking about investing in the further business of it, make sure you collect enough amount of information before taking any big step in its trade. 

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