Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Solar panels price in Pakistan depends on per watt or the energy it can produce for you to consume. Solar panels are considered the most long-running and cost-effective solution for electricity because it is a one-time cost energy product that requires you to invest money only one time on solar cells and a UPS or inverter battery, for battery is not always one-time cost.

In such unstable electricity or energy crisis in Pakistan, people on a large scale in Pakistan shifting their electricity usage from government electricity supply to solar cells. According to recent stats, 40% of the Pakistani population has shifted to solar cells and the rest are planning to divert to this amazing reusable source. It is also predicted that 80% of the population is going to shift to solar panels by 2026.

Solar panels
Solar panels

In the Pakistani market Canadian solar panels are the most commonly sold and likable among people due to the durability and equal amount of charge they deliver. Also, these panels are not so expensive, anybody with a normal budget can afford these Canadian solar panels, following are the current market rates for solar cells you can see any buy accordingly. Please note that all are not Canadian some of the cells are from different solar brands. The Government of Pakistan has initiated various economic schemes to help local Pakistani where you can get various types of economic help, Pakistan govt program is now live, 8171 check online and see your status.

Solar panel rate list

Solar Panel ModelsWattsPrice
Bifacial Mono PERC Canadian 66056100 PKR
Tesla Solar Panels12000-15500 PKR
Inverex Solar Panels7000-17000 PKR
LONGI Solar Panels64000-79000 PKR
Half Celled Canadian Panel55046750 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC 53045050 PKR
Mono PERC Canadian 65065055250 PKR
City Solar 15015012750 PKR
ZnShine Poly 33533528480 PKR
Canadian Mono PER Hiku766056100 PKR
Canadian Mono PER 65565555680 PKR
Canadian Mono Half Celled 55046750 PKR
Jinko Mono 53553545480 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC Half Cut Trina45038250 PKR
Sanco Mono17014450 PKR
Mono Half Celled 54054045900 PKR
JA Mono PERC 54054045900 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC 53553545480 PKR
Canadian Mono 59059050150 PKR
SunMax Poly 25025021250 PKR
JA Mono Per 445 44537830 PKR
Seraphim Poly 33033028050 PKR
MaxPower Half Cut Mono PERC 40040034000 PKR
Trina Poly 33033028050 PKR
Ass=troenergy Mono PERC Half Cut 54045900 PKR
Canadian Mono Perc Bifacial 53045050 PKR
Canadian Mono Half Celled54546330 PKR
SunMaxx Poly 25025021250 PKR
JA Poly 335335 28480 PKR
Trina Half Cut Mono 55046750 PKR
AstroEnergy Half Cut Mono PERC 540 45900 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC44537830 PKR
JA Mono PERC 53545480 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC 59059050150 PKR
Jinko Mono Crystalline 54546330 PKR
Jinko Mono 44544536000 PKR
AstroEnergy Poly Project Grade34028900 PKR
Sanco Mono 17017014450 PKR
JA Poly 33033028050 PKR
AE Ray-36P16013600 PKR
solar plate price in pakistan

Important Note

All such panel prices and brands are easily available from any supplier within Pakistan. All the panel rates are current and can be seen as similar to these in all cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, and Sialkot.

Solar panel suppliers in Pakistan

Pakistani market for solar panels is a huge and diversified, if you got to market, you will find dozens of solar panel companies in Pakistan putting their different types of solar panels on the market shelves through different suppliers.

  • Net Solar Systems
  • Bright Solar Panels
  • Premium Solar Solutions
  • Sultani Solar Energy
  • Solar System Pakistan Private Limited
  • Yellow Door Energy Pakistan
  • EBR Energy Pakistan Pvt Ltd
  • Zorays Solar Pakistan
  • AE Solar Pakistan
  • Premier Energy Pte limited
  • and many more

Pros and cons of solar panels

In fact, solar panels are only built to solve the biggest energy solution, so you will always find more pros for solar panels than their cons.


  • One of the most cheapest, cost-effective, and one-time cost solutions for electricity or energy.
  • Once you have purchased a branded solar panel, you will not have to be worried about its technicality and maintenance for the next 20 years.
  • Solar cells are environmental friendly, they only utilize sunlight as solar energy to convert into electrical signals, like turbines or generators they do not use water or any fuel to produce energy, generators emit carbon dioxide into the ecosystem, while turbines use a large quantity of water from the environment.
  • You don’t have to care about governmental allegations if you use solar in your place, not in just Pakistan, but in almost every country people are allowed to freely use them without taking permission from authorities.
  • For the installation and setup, solar cells do not require you to have a very technical mind, you just need to connect them with wires, and to UPS or energy reserve and you are good to utilize them.
  • Some solar panels can also generate energy at the night with the moonlight, such panels can give you maximum time generating energy for your day and night.
  • If you own a large setup, you can also install a photon energy bulb near your panels at night, these panels can also produce electricity using the photons from the energy bulb, it is tested and proven.
  • Using this energy source, you are not only saving your money and energy resources but also saving a large number of natural resources for humanity.


  • The only con in our experience is, you must have a large investment to fully shift to solar energy from public electricity supply, but remember this is almost one time cost.
  • Another is, you must have a large area for their installation outdoor.

Why you should use solar panels

Solar cells do not get rusted as their outlines are made of aluminum sheets. Once you have installed panels in a suitable place in your home or anywhere else you only have to clean the panel’s surface once or twice a week. Some solar panels can work at a smaller level at night with moonlight.

If we talk about durability, they will not get damaged even from rainwater or stormy dusty winds. These panels are designed to go long without putting any maintenance costs. The maintenance cost will be applied to the batteries or UPS converter system you will attach to the solar panels you purchase.


What will be the total cost of installing solar panels?

It depends on your need, or how much energy you consume, there is not a simple answer for this, you have to research on different solar prices and your area for installation and compare it with the overall budget you are going to spend.

Can solar panels produce electricity at night?

Some solar panels can produce energy both at day and night, but not all solar panels are designed to do the same.


If you are here and looking for solar panels for your mega-project, we recommend you first do thorough research before paying money for the solar cells you buy from the market. There are some fake and some local brands also operational selling low-quality panels. You can also consult the expert person you know before spending money, or you can take your relative or friend who knows more about panels and the market.

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