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Saria rate in Pakistan fluctuates around the measurement scale of soot/sutar. To make you sure, 1inch is equal to 8 sutars. Saria is an iron or steel bar used as raw construction material in commercial and residential buildings. Keep in mind that saria rates are highly dependent on iron price in Pakistan per kg in all provinces.

Saria prices are volatile as other developmental material prices. It goes up and down on a basis of weekly, daily and sometimes on monthly. No doubt you can notice a great variation in price ranges on annual base, not only in saria bars but also in other goods.

saria iron bars
Saria iron bars

Steel rate today | iron bar rates list

Saria size in sutar40 grade rate/kg40 grade rate per metric ton60 grade rate/kg60 grade rate per metric ton
10mm/3 sutra295 PKR295000 PKR297 PKR297000 PKR
12mm/4 sutar293 PKR293000 PKR295 PKR295000 PKR
16mm/5 sutar294 PKR294000 PKR296 PKR296000 PKR
20mm/6 sutar294 PKR294000 PKR296 PKR296000 PKR
22mm/7 sutar293 PKR293000 PKR296 PKR296000 PKR
24mm/7 sutar293 PKR293000 PKR296 PKR296000 PKR
saria rate today

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iron rate in pakistan
steel bars rate in pakistan

Iron bars are categorized in different categories on the basis of the foundation material used in. Its price ranges seesaw on the rate of raw material which is used in it as a base which is iron or steel, or sometimes a mixture of both.

The most common and famous types of saria in Pakistan are Category-A and B. Remember, category A is equal to grade 60 and category B is equal to grade 40. The most famous and quality-wise used type is 60-grade in most residential and commercial structures. Most of the category-B or grade-4 saria are on the same rate as each other.

Lahore and Karachi are considered the biggest hubs for steel and saria factories, producing a huge number of units on a daily basis. The rates that are being decided in these cities are considered finalized rates for the rest of the country.

A strong possibility about saria rates in Pakistan is that is may change according to the city you are buying from. This rate change is due large geographical area of the country which leads to different custom or transportation rates from the manufacturers to retailers.

Famous steel companies/mills in Pakistan

The Pakistani steel industry is one of the largest steel-producing giants around the globe not merely manufacturing locally but also transporting to many foreign countries in the middle east and Europe.

  • Amreli steels
  • AF steel
  • Syesha steel mills
  • Al-haj Asia Star 
  • Ittefaq steels
  • Ittihad steels
  • Kamran steels
  • Mughal steels
  • Pakistan steel mills corporation
  • FF steels
  • Millat steel corporation

Common steel bar types

  • Steel deformed bar grade 60
  • Steel deformed bar grade 40
  • TMT steel bar
  • Cold twisted steel bar
  • Earthquake resistant bars
  • How steel rates are being decided

Steel and iron are natural resources or elements available, just like other commodities on the market shelf, their rates are decided on the supply and demand rule. The actual price is being finalized on the national level keeping in mind the number of elements available and the amount being purchased from the world market.

The same universal law of demand and supply works here, which states that: the more the supply is, the decrease will be rated, and the less the supply is, the increase will be rated. This economic rule work 24/7 and in every part of the world.s


Saria and steel rate in Pakistan go parallel in all cities including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Multan, Sialkot, and Bahawalpur. A little price difference may be experienced which is completely normal.

Factors affecting steel prices

  • Rising labor cost due to inflation is one of the greatest causes that is continuously affecting steel rates in Pakistan.
  • Increased fuel prices are also a factor that constantly pushes steel and saria companies to raise market prices.
  • Raised raw material prices, as Pakistan is currently importing minerals including steel and iron from foreign countries, this is also one of the reasons.
  • As the worldwide need for steel is going high prices will naturally go high for steel bars.
  • Limited firms are working to produce steel, this is also the reason impacting steel prices in the overall country.

Pros and cons of using steel bars


  • Steel bars are an addition to the strongest trait of your building which is the base of the construction building.
  • Saria or steel bars can add some extra years to the actual life of your home building or any other commercial building you are constructing.
  • These are considered one-time costs, for this, you don’t have to put more money into its maintenance.
  • If you had used steel bars in your construction projects on one floor or roof, you can make another building story on it without compromising the construction quality, and can add extra weight to your building structure. In simple words, you can make multiple stories or skyscraper buildings.


  • If you are using compromising on quality for the price and using quality compromised or low-quality steel bars in your project, it will get rusted after some years and will not be able to tolerate more weight on it.

Why steel bars

  • Saria or steel bars add a special value to your construction projection by providing high durability to the roof toppings of your home or building. There is no doubt that adding steel bars to your construction project can be costly to usually but also it is not false to say that these bars can make your building live for extra years than a building with no saria or steel bars used in the basic structure.
  • With all these make sure you use high-quality steel bars because nowadays there are dozens of non-authoritative saria brands selling low-quality bars which are prone to rust and damage just after contacting water content. Using good quality bars is another factor that must be achieved by spending some more money on branded bars, for this you have to little bit compromise on paying high price.


Pakistani steel brands most of the time do not compromise on producing quality bars, but to save yourself from being looted by fake and unauthorized companies, you must have an expert with you if you are not an expert in the field. Also, don’t forget to talk about the related matter to the experienced person if you are going to invest in this matter type.

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