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Sugar price according to the impact of inflation on an economy constantly increase on a monthly to yearly basis. White sugar famously known as safaid cheeni locally is considered an essential ingredient of every Pakistani diet. This ingredient is the most hot product of the agriculture industry and very commonly seen in every meal from breakfast to dinner.

For the past 3 years, sugar rates are increased notably due to increasing prices in all the processes that take place before the sugar is on the market shelves. Sugar price differences in different Pakistani regions can be seen of range 90-130 pkr.

white sugar
white sugar

Sugar Rates Pakistan Today

City/ProvinceRates Per KG
Punjab95-130 Pkr
KPK110-140 Pkr
Sindh95-120 Pkr
Balochistan110-135 Pkr
sugar rate today per kg

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For the past decade, Pakistan and other developing countries are going through a crisis in producing sugarcane crops due to whole world economic conditions. Everyday rising Inflation is breaking the backbone of most of the manufacturing and livestock businesses all over the world.

There are about 95 major sugar mills in Pakistan including, KPK, Punjab, and Sindh. These are alone making sugars to export to foreign countries. There are thousands of other sugar mills that are not working publicly. 

today sugar price in pakistan

Sugar mills In Pakistan

There is a huge number of sugar manufacturers operating in Pakistan, and counting such numbers is impossible. Some major or publicly famous mills are operating locally as follow:

  • Baba Farid Sugar Mills Ltd
  • Shah Taj Sugar MillsPvt Ltd
  • JauharAbad Sugar Mills Ltd
  • Pasrur Sugar Mills Ltd
  • Chanar Sugar Mills Ltd
  • Abdulla Sugar Pvt Ltd
  • Haseeb Waqas Sugar Pvt Ltd
  • Pakistan Sugar Milla Association
  • Tadianwala Kanjwani Sugar Mills
  • Premier Sugar Mills
  • Layyah Sugar Mills
  • Hanza Sugar Mills
  • Hussain Sugar Mills
  • Noor Sugar Mills Limited
  • Two Star Industries Private Limited
  • Huda Sugar Mills
  • Chaudhary Sugar Mills
  • Adam Sugar Mills
  • JDW Sugar Pvt Ltd

How sugar is made

  • White and brown sugar, both are made from sugar cane. Sugarcane juice as the first raw material is extracted from sugar cane sticks. 
  • Sugarcane juice after extraction is transferred into a huge boiler and provided with boiling heat until the water content from the solution is evaporated.
  • Just before the whole water content is evaporated, another process is applied to the mixture, and that is centrifugation.
  • The mixture gets to pass through centrifugation for some minutes in which hard or complex particles are removed from the juice mixture.
  • The white separated part again goes through a moderate heat environment where the water content that is being left evaporated. After this, the solution is ready to get air dry and crushing to sugar powder.


Sugar prices highly depend on the national budget published by the government on annual basis. Keep in mind, if you are going to buy sugar for any of your food factories or food project, there are certain types of sugar in the market from low to high quality. Always buy from an authoritative dealer, or take an expert of the related industry or have a consultation with professionals. Taking an unauthorized or fraudulent product from the market can cost you and your customers huge losses in the long run.

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