Tesla Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan

Tesla solar panels are American-made imported solar panels from the company Tesla. These solar cells are always high in quality as they are made by a company which is specialized in making solar products specifically.

Tesla solar panels rates are mostly found high in the local Pakistani market due to high customs duties applied to its commerce. Tesla panels are normally high-cost if you compare the price with other solar panels price in Pakistan 

tesla solar panels
Tesla solar panels

Tesla solar panel prices and Capacity

Poly Solar Panel31015500 PKR
Mono Solar Panel225012250 PKR
Mono 525012750 PKR
Mono 530015300 PKR
Mono225012250 PKR
Mono525012750 PKR
Mono530015300 PKR

Each solar panel of Tesla is designed under a high precision method due to which each solar panel with the mentioned price is promised to give exactly the same output energy as written. Tesla is currently exporting these two main category solar panels to Pakistan which are Poly Solar Panel and Mono Solar Panel.

Best things about Tesla solar cells

  • This solar panel company is offering solar panels with a warranty, you will find few in Pakistan offering this benefit.
  • Tesla is an American company that always pays attention to the detail of the final product quality for the solar panels they are selling.
  • These are high-quality durable panels that you might not find anywhere in Pakistan.
  • A plus point is, they run more years than their warranty mentioned.
  • Very best suitable for home electricity provision, you can also run many other electrical appliances with this.
  • These panels can also generate very energy in sunlight at night.
  • The endings of each panel plate is properly marked with aluminum borders which do not let the metal covering get rusted.
  • Tesla panels are very suitable for any type of weather, as these are designed to give maximum output in every type of season.
  • In extreme sunlight when these solar cells are generating energy for you if you touch them, their temperature will be maintained instead of getting so much hot.
  • You can easily clean them, also they do not need very regular cleaning because their surface is extra slippery and non-catchy, it will not get dust on the surface in the dusty air.


Are Tesla solar panels made in Pakistan?

No, Tesla is an American company exporting its Solar panels to Pakistan.

What is the best Tesla solar panel?

Their all solar panels are high in quality, it highly depends on what energy-watt solar cell you want and for what purpose.

What is the cheapest Tesla solar panel?

Tesla mono solar panel with 250-watt energy output and 1-year warranty is the most cheapest solar panel on the list.


You can use Tesla’s solar panel without thinking deeply about its quality, this panel is tested personally with the great value offered in the long run. Make sure if you are buying these panels in bulk for reseller purposes or for any other commercial purpose, try to consult with an expert who has experience in this field.

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