Tez Raftar Rikshaw Prices in Pakistan 2024

Tez Raftaar rikshaw rates in Pakistan range between 300,000-398,000 Pkr in cash. Tez Raftaar is a local private company famous for selling loaders and passenger rickshaws in Pakistan. This vehicle is one of the best-selling products of the automobile market for people working on daily wages.

Tez Raftaar pickup and passenger Rikshaw prices usually do not go up and down more often, they are mostly still at the same purchase rates throughout the whole year. Both these rikshaw types are different in price from each other. As motorcycle models differ in features and prices, similarly rikshaws differ in their market rates.

tez raftar rikshaws
Tez Raftar rikshaws

Updated Tez Raftar Riskhaw Prices Today 2023

Model NameNumber of SeatsEngine PowerRate List
Pick-up School Van Rikshaw10200cc373000 Pkr
Deca9200cc362000 Pkr
Supreme3200cc325000 Pkr
F2F (Face 2 Face)6200cc348000 Pkr
Sixer Tanga Body6200cc353000 Pkr
Pickup XL10200cc398000 Pkr
Sixer6200cc353000 Pkr
tez raftar rikshaw prices

Tez Raftar loader rickshaw price list

Model NameEngine PowerRate List
Basic150cc230000 Pkr
Hercules with cover front150cc245000 Pkr
Basic200cc285000 Pkr
Booster200cc295000 Pkr
Booster and damping system200cc325000 Pkr

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Tez Raftar loader rickshaw features

NameLoader rickshaw motorcycle
Engine 150cc and 200cc
Main featuresLarge shock absorbers, heavy-duty durable engine, 4strock engine, wide chassis, rare suspension, self-start, and wide grip tires.
Loading Capacity1000 and 2000 kilograms
Carrier sizeWall height: 14-19 and  19-31Floor with 52 and 53Floor length: 80 and 87
Customized featuresFrontlet safeguards, Engine booster, and large carrier size.
Normal Price230000 and 385000 Rupees
Price with custom features250000 and 325000 Rupees

Is Tez Raftar Rickshaw available on installments?

Tez raftar rikshaw on installment is available, there are many companies selling rickshaws on easy installment plans like Naeem Electronics, and Shahzada. There are also some companies that don’t offer this rickshaw in installments. 


If you are going to buy a rikshaw, make sure you go through all the rikshaw prices mentioned above. All these prices are not 100% accurate, but you can estimate what rikshaw are you going to purchase and what is your budget accordingly.

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