Thermocol Sheet Price in Pakistan

Thermocol sheet is now very commonly used in every industry from manufacturing to construction. The major purpose for its use is to block humidity to enter the area of desire. Mostly it is used in the construction industry in home decoration for blocking humidity to enter a building that is freshly made. Thermocol prices normally don’t change fast as other materials but yes they do.

Manufacturers at a large scale use these sheets after unit manufacture for packaging it to make it live long so it can reach safety to their customers. Similarly, there are hundreds of uses for thermocol sheets. Thermopane sheets are commonly pronounced as thermocol in Pakistan.

Thermocol Sheet
Thermocol Sheet

Thermocol sheets rates

Thermocol sheet typeUnit sizePrice
Acrylic sheet8×8210 Pkr
Plexiglass board / Plastic acrylic sheet11×14770 Pkr
Thermopore 24×18280 Pkr

Thermocol sheets manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan

Thermocol sheets are considered one of the very hot trades in Pakistan. They are being traded locally for a very long time since the industrial era started growing in Pakistan. Following are some of the most popular thermopole suppliers in Pakistan:

  • Thermopore Insulation Sheet Company.
  • Insulation Experts Pakistan.
  • Thermopore Industrial Enterprises.
  • Home Insulation System.
  • White Pearl Thermopore.
  • Style Styrofoam Industries.
  • Thermocut.
  • Thermopore Packaging Industries.
  • Saudagar EPS Industries Pvt Ltd.
  • Atlas Thermopore Industry.
  • Al-Madina EPS Industry.
  • Thermopore Pakistan.

Advantages and disadvantages of thermocol sheet

Thermopore sheets are very handy and very easy to install or remove anywhere you want for your need. Following are some commonly seen advantages and disadvantages of using thermopore sheets.


  • Humidity blocker: This is the most common benefit due to which more people use this, it does not allow humidity to enter the package, and the product packaging in thermocol sheet does not get humidity damage. 
  • Easy to install: thermocol sheets are very easy to anywhere you want, you dont need so much expertise or professional tools to install this sheet on your desired place.
  • Inhibits bacterial growth: as it blocks humidity and maintains the inner temperature of the product package, ultimately it does not allow bacteria to grow which may harm the product.
  • Customizable: you can cut and customize this sheet according to your need by using only a sharp knife.
  • Maintaining product health: fragile products are 100% safe in thermopore packaging, even if you throw the package, the product will not get damaged. 
  • Cost-effective: thermopore sheets are not expensive to buy, everyone can easily afford them according to their budget.


  • Can’t handle high weight: the only disadvantage this sheet shows is that it cannot handle massive weights.
  • Pollute water bodies: it can be hazardous waste material from industries that include thermopore chemicals may pollute the water and harm life in water bodies.


If you are going to buy thermopore sheet for any of your projects or other need, you need to know exactly for what purpose you are buying or what need you are going to fulfill using this sheet. Before going to purchase in bulk, always try to consult with an industry expert, this can save you a lot of time and money.

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