Thresher Machine Price in Pakistan 2023

Thresher prices in Pakistan matter most for the people working in the agriculture industry or doing any sort of business in this growing sector of Pakistan. Thresher is a separator commonly used for separating rice, wheat, and soybeans from the left overs that come with the crop after harvesting.

In recent years when threshers were not very common in Pakistan, they were exported from other foreign countries, but now these are locally made in Pakistan of high quality and performance which you can avail in very affordable prices in many different sizes and brands.

Thresher Price in Pakistan

Model MakePrice
Made in Pakistan450,000 to 550,000 PKR

These are the estimated prices for threshers and keep in mind that wheat threshers, rice threshers, corn threshers, and maiz threshers are the same things. You can easily get a thresher within the range of above-listed price.


Note: prices still vary according to the location from where you are purchasing thresher in Pakistan, like Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Bihar, Azad Kashmir, Mirpur, Gujarat, Toba Tek Singh, Rahim Yar Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ismail Khan, and Sukkur.

Thresher Specifications and Other Details

Number of cutters104 – 130
Height from ground with Wheels5.5 – 6ft
Threshing drum size in length4.5 – 5.5ft
Threshing drum total width48 inches
Total pulleys installed8
Number of rotator belts18
Size of rear tires32 inches
Size of front tire25 inches
Total machine length12ft
Total machine width4.5-5ft 
Total machine height from ground5-6ft
Grain separating efficacy95%
Grain crushing probabilityAlmost No
Operational power required30 to 40 HP
People required to operate the machine4
PTO speed requirement540rpm
Fuel consumption during working6 – 7 L/h

Thresher Companies in Pakistan

After Pakistan ended imports of threshers from other near countries, now there are dozens of local companies making high-quality threshers for Pakistani people which you can see in the following list.

  • Shareef Wheat Threshers
  • Diamond Wheat Threshers
  • Millat Wheat Threshers
  • National Wheat Threshers
  • Dogar Wheat Threshers
  • Shalimar Wheat Threshers
  • Seth Tufail Threshers


Make sure you first check your thresher and then make the payment to the showroom or shop owner, sometimes damages pieces can ruin your buying experience. Threshers always come with their installed spare parts, so if any seller says you to buy any specific spare part after the main purchase, simply reject buying from that seller. Always keep in mind that after purchase if your threshers, you must have to take care of its oiling, otherwise it will get rusted and will be damaged soon, to use it in the long run always clean it with cotton clothe after usage and don’t let their oiling over spare parts to dry.


Is wheat thresher and rice thresher the same?
Yes, rice thresher and wheat thresher are the same thing and both work on the principle, both separate the unwanted part of the crop.

Is it possible to operate the thresher with the help of tractor?

Yes it is possible, tractor assisted threshers are separates, if you want this type of thresher you need to buy that separate one, but if you want to convert your ordinary thresher into tractor assisted thresher, it is also a possible thing.

What are the most popular threshers use din Paksitan by farmers?
Millat threshers are widely being used in Pakistan by professional farmers for separating unwanted wheat or rice part after cultivation.

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