Tile Bond Prices in Pakistan 2023

Tile bond prices in Pakistan are set according to other materials used for construction purposes. There are dozens of tile bond types available in the Pakistani construction industry and widely used for fixing different types of floor tiles including artificially made tiles and marble-made tiles.

In Pakistan, hundreds of tile bond companies are operating on small to big scales. All quality-wise good and popular tile bond brands’ prices have been discussed on our site from high to low.

tile bonds rates
Tile bonds

Tile bond rates Pakistan

Tile Brand NamePackage Weight in KGPrice
PCI Tile Bond40990 PKR
Xtreme Tile Bond20790 Pkr
Happilac Tile Bond201090 Pkr
Shabbir Tile Bond Stile20620 Pkr
Sea Star Tile Bond20595 Pkr
Metro Tile Bond20480 Pkr
Marachi Tile Bond20480 Pkr
Best Daytime Tile Bond20490 Pkr
House Bond20390 Pkr
Stile Bond20410 Pkr
Power Plus Bond20400 Pkr
Ressichem Tile Bond20350 Pkr
Cemex Tile Bond20310 Pkr
Master Tile Bond20510 Pkr
Bestway Tile Bond20490 PKR
tile bond price list


If you want your tile bond to look invisible after application, try to use white cement in the mixture. It is always better to use cement in low quantities. Please remember that you may experience a little big price difference in tile bond rates in different regions of Pakistan including cities like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Bahawalpur, Gujranwala, Vehari, DG Khan, GI Khan, Rahim Yar Khan, Quetta, and Sialkot.

Top Best Tile Bonds in Pakistan

Best tile bond adhesives in Pakistan are qualified on the basis of their firmness, stability, and durability after they are mixed with water for use. However, the following are some best and top of the list tile bonds available in Pakistan for your flooring projects:

  1. PCI Tile Bond
  2. Xtreme Tile Bond
  3. Happilac Tile Bond
  4. Shabbir Tile Bond
  5. Stile Bond
  6. Seastar Tile Bond
  7. Bestway Tile Bond

How To Make Tile Bond After Purchase

Before mixing or making tile bond compound with water, keep in mind, after the tile bond powder is mixed with water, it should be used within the next 5 hours, otherwise, it will transform into hard form and will not be of any use.

  • Take 20% water in the bowl or any container in which you water to make your tile bond compound. 
  • Add 80 percent tile bond into that water in the container and mix thoroughly. You can also add 20-30% white or grey cement to the mixture to make the mixture more in quantity. Always use cement when you are attaching large-size tiles on the following.
  • After all three components water. Tile bond, cement, and mix the compound gently to make the mixture homogenized with water.
  • Your mixture is ready to use, always use a sharp trowel to apply the mixture to tile edges for better bonding.

Dos and Donts of tile bond mixing


  • Do not add any other type of material like cement with tile bond, it can hurt the cleanliness of tiles.
  • Add regular water instead of mineral water while mixing tile bond, adding mineral water can give edge for microbes to start surviving on the bond surface.
  • Always sse high-quality tile bond for your tiles, above mentioned bonds are tested and of good quality.
  • Use tile bond instantly after opening the packet, and place the tile bond package in room temperature areas.
  • Wear new rubber gloves before touching or mixing tile bonds.
  • Use tile bond only with designer tiles or marble tiles.


  • Try to avoid low-quality bonds, it will hurt your tiles bondage in the long run.
  • Do not place the bond packet in high-temperature and humid areas in your home.
  • After applying tile bond within tiles, try to not walk on tiles for about the next 48 hours.
  • Don’t buy token tile bonds, token tile bonds most of the time come in low quality in the market.
  • If you are using tough tiles, use cement instead of tile bond.

Which bond is best for tiles in Pakistan?

Happilac and PCI tiles bonds are considered best for tiles in Pakistan as they are personally testifies for home decore and tile project.

Is tile bond available in large bags?

No, tile bonds are mostly available in one litre bottles in powdered form, most of the companies packing it in bottles.


If you are looking to purchase tile bonds for your tiling or following project, I suggest you always use a good quality bond in your project. Using a high-quality bonding material will save you a lot in long term. A quality work done on any construction or tiling project pay off long term and good clients over time.

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