Tr Guarder Rate in Pakistan Today 2023

Tr guarders are used in roof structuring and are a more cost-effective solution for roofing than iron bars. Iron bars cost more than iron harder but they are more durable than guarders. Guarders cost very low, but they are not suitable for roofs that are going to bear a lot of weight. Guarders are used as base construction for building that is smaller in size.

Like other iron or steel raw constructional products keep changing their prices on a daily or weekly basis, guarder prices do the same fluctuations according to the base price from the world market. They are available in both steel and iron material and sometimes a mixture of both.

tr garder
tr garder

Updated TR garder price in Pakistan today

TR iron Girder
Rate per kg150-175160-180
Rate per foot115-125320-375

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Tr guarder prices may be different in your city including Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Sukkur, DG Khan, DI Khan, Ahmedpur, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Azad Kashmir, Jhelum, Gujarat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Kot Adu, Mandi Bahudin.

There are two common and famously used girder types in our country, one is T-iron and the other is simply girder/guarder/ of H shaped. In Pakistan, famous companies like Amreli, Mughal Supreme, Ittihad, and ittefaq are actively producing a great number of units for both the local and international markets. These famous companies consistently provide their product to major farmhouses in the country.

Such girders are not limited to commercial use only, they are widely used in making bridges and other developmental projects by the government. RCC girder is the most famous girder used in mega projects like highways, special pedestrian bridges, and fuel station rooftops.

Girder suppliers or companies in Pakistan

Iron or steel girders are still very popular used in rural areas or Pakistan, as we know Pakistan most area covered by rural areas, so their demand is high. Due to its high demand, you will find hundreds and thousands of suppliers in Pakistan.

  • Faizan Steel
  • Muntaha Steels
  • Ittefaq & Sons
  • Abdul Wahab & Sons
  • Bawan Steel
  • Burhani Steel Company
  • Eagle Iron Mark
  • Haji Wala Trader
  • Qutbi Iron

Pros and cons of using iron harder


  • A low-cost solution for a smaller size or single-story buildings.
  • Go long than the previous traditional ways like wooden guarders.
  • These are strong enough to handle even tons of weight.


  • Can increase the overall weight of your building.
  • Need pillar support because girders cant stand alone.
  • Sometimes gets rusted if used in a humid area.
  • Can handle a lot of weight but not more than sariya.

How girders are manufactured

Girders are made of iron, steel, or a mixture of both minerals. When raw mineral metal enters the firm, it first goes through a filtration process, in this filtration step, all the impurities are removed and the pure mineral-containing compound is being extracted. This purification process is carried out after melting the mineral.

After purifying, all the material is provided with some more heat for all the steel particles to make a firm symmetry. After keeping the mixture in the heat for a while, it is now transferred to the shape molds or shape makers (sancha). After transferring, they are settled to cool down for about half an hour. After coming down to room temperature they are ready for post-manufacturing treatments.

Before entering into the market, there are still many processes waiting for girders, in such processes the durability test is most common. After some physical tests, a little sample is collected from the produced unit and sent to the lab to check how long-lasting will it be. Some chemical treatments are applied to the sample in a metallurgical laboratory, all these treatments are controlled by a metallurgical engineer.


What is the material used in making TR Girder?

Tr girders are commonly made of iron and steel, and sometimes mixing of both in Pakistan.

Can I use TR Girder for a triple-story building?

You should not use a girder for triple story building, instead use iron bars.

Is girder long-term than iron bars or sariya?

No this is not, steel bars or sariya goes long run and can tolerate more weight than girders.

Which girder will be low in price iron or steel?

Obviously, a steel girder will be more costly than an iron girder because steel is more strong and more durable than iron and is a high price material.


If you going to invest in guarders or buy for any construction purpose for your commercial or any other typical project, make sure you have enough knowledge about the product or take professional advice from experts having experience in the field. Do not risk your money by purchasing any low-quality product from an unauthorized brand, it will cost disasters in the long run for the project. Investing wisely in a quality product matters most, it will create goodwill ultimately.

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