Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

Tractor prices are not much high and not low in Pakistan due to its economical need for agricultural land. The government of Pakistan pays special attention to tractor prices because without this agricultural production at a bigger scale is impossible.

Tractors Sold History In Pakistan

Tractors are being considered both agriculture and automobile product and widely used for plowing fields and as a truck for commercial purposes like Forland trucks. It is very common to see tractors on the roads of Pakistan. Almost 30% of the population here harvest and they need tractors to do their work. You can see the information on so many companies’ tractors here. The 385 tractor price in Pakistan compared to other tractors has increased, the rest also have increased but not as this.

pakistani tractor price
pakistani tractor

Updated Millat Tractor Prices 

Messey FergusonHorse Power (HP)Price
MF 385 4WD 854,282,000 PKR
MF 385 2WD 853,213,000 PKR
MF 375 4WD754,165,000 PKR
MF 375 2WD753,102,000 PKR
MF 360 4WD603,514,000 PKR
MF 360 2WD602,480,000 PKR
MF 260 2WD602,350,000 PKR
MF 350 Plus 2WD502,392,000 PKR
MF 240 2WD502,020,000 PKR

Ghazi tractor price in pakistan 2023

New Holland TractorsHorse Power (HP)Price
NH-70-56-4WD 854,272,000 PKR
NH Dabung 2WD 853,178,000 PKR
NH 640 2WD753,082,000 PKR
NH Ghazi 2WD652,350,000 PKR
Nh 480 Power Staring 2WD552,101,000 PKR
Nh 480s 2WD552,024,000 PKR

New Bull Tractor Prices

Bull Tractor ModelHorse Power (HP)Price
Bull Power 585 2WD85 1,485,000 PKR
Bull Power 577 Delux 2WD761,440,000 PKR
Bull Power 577 2WD761,400,000 PKR
Bull Power 565-5 2WD601,110,000 PKR
Bull Power 565 2WD601,075,000 PKR
Bull Power 549 S 2WD50965,000 PKR
Bull Power 549 2WD50925,000 PKR

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Roosi Tractor  (Belarus) Prices

Belarus Tractor ModelYear of ModelPrice
510 Simple20214,800,000 PKR
510 Simple20224,900,000 PKR
Draft Control20214,800,000 PKR
Draft Control20224,900,000 PKR
Air Compressor20214,850,000 PKR
Air Compressor20224,950,000 PKR
512 4wd20215,500,000 PKR
800 Simple20215,300,000 PKR
800 Special20215,600,000 PKR
820 Simple20215,700,000 PKR
80.1 with AC Cabin20215,700,000 PKR
belarus tractor price in pakistan

Ford tractor price in Pakistan

Ford Tractor ModelsHorse Power (HP)Price
Ford 5880 2WD801,560,000 PKR
Ford 4560 2WD601,190,000 PKR
Ford 3850 2WD501,090,000 PKR
ford tractor in pakistan

YTO Tractor Rates

YTO Tractor ModelsHorse Power (HP)Price
EMF 604 4WD601,850,000 PKR
EF 800 2WD801,920,000 PKR
EF 804 4WD802,250,000 PKR
EX 800 2WD802,490,000 PKR

Tractor companies in Pakistan

  • Millat Tractors
  • Massey Ferguson Pakistan
  • Javaid Industrial Company
  • M Agro Asia Tractors

There are many other local companies working to make tractors, but all these companies listed above are among the best tractor companies. All these companies pay special attention to making good quality tractors and also they make tractors at reasonable rates.

Tractor buying guide

The tractor is not an ordinary or low-priced commodity that can be purchased by just having money and going to your nearest shop. There are hundreds of people who have money in their pockets but most of them don’t know how to buy a tractor in Pakistan.

  • Step 1: decide which tractor you want to purchase, your purpose for the tractor, the area size on which you are going to use the tractor, or how much load you are going to carry on your tractor.
  • Step 2: book a test ride for the tractor you are interested in the official tractor showroom, Millat, Ghazi, and various other tractor companies are offering test rides for their clients. after taking a test ride you can have more time to think about whether you are interested in buying that tractor or not. Take your time and decide.
  • Step 3: Collect your original ID card and personal NTN file. If you are buying the vehicle on behalf of the company you work for, the NTN file will be of the company you work in.
  • Step 4: After collecting all these documents, collect money for the tractor of your choice and go to the showroom with your documents, documents should be managed and arranged in a separate office file. The rest of the process will be the responsibility of the showroom team, they will proceed with your query and hand over you a new tractor.
  • Step 5: you can also talk to them about the tractor price and negotiate.
  • Step 6: After going through this process, make sure you apply for a number plate without wasting further time going to the government office of the excise to your nearest official branch, stay away from agents.
  • Step 7: Make sure you keep your tractor engine well maintained by checking its engine oil; and all other technical stuff. Keep washing it after 3 weeks or months, this also increases the longevity of the vehicle. Always choose a branded and high-quality engine oil for your tractor.


Are tractor parts easily available in Pakistan?

Yes, tractor parts are massively manufactured in Pakistan and easily available in the local Pakistani market at reasonable prices.

What is the average weight of a tractor?

The average weight of a 4×4 tractor is 5.254 pounds or 2340 kilograms.


Tractors are very commonly used automotive machinery in countries like Pakistan due to the huge agricultural land. After England and India, Pakistan is the only country making high-quality and long-lasting powerful tractor engines with strong and durable bodies. Tractors are highly powerful machinery in terms of plowing fields for better agricultural yield.

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