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Truck prices in Pakistan have reached a significant point to the constant rise of inflation. With the rising trends of trade and transportation trucking are popularizing in Pakistan due to the need for heavy-duty trucks to transport heavy materials from one place to another.

In Pakistan, trucking is mostly being used by cargo companies working at large scale qand also by some shipping companies that are working within the country for shifting small sized goods city to city by road. Trucks and trucking is the most demanded thing in the economic needs of Pakistan in todays date.

trucks in pakistan

Trucks in Pakistan updated Rates

Truck companies in PakistanPrices
Hino Check Prices
IsuzuCheck Prices
FAW TrucksCheck Prices
ForlandCheck Prices
FotonCheck Prices
ToyotaCheck Prices
JACCheck Prices

All these truck prices keep changing every year as other vehicle prices change in Pakistan. This happens not only in Pakistan but also in the whole world. The trucking industry is consistently getting popular locally in Pakistan.


Hino is a short name for Hino Motors Limited which is a Japanese company manufacturing high-quality trucks and other vehicles since 1942. The company is operating with the name of Hino which is a place in Tokyo.

You might not know that, Hino is a child company of Toyota which is also a Japaned vehicle brand. The reason why Toyota made Hino as subsidiary to produce heavy-duty diesel engines for trucks that can pull tons of weight without having any problem. Hino is a public company with stocks listed on the international market, you can imagine how much revenue Hino is producing and the level of this Japaned company.


Isuzu is another public vehicle company from Japan working since 1916 from Yokohama Japan. This company’s main focus is only on making small to large vehicle engines from petrol to diesel. Many people in Pakistan think that Suzuki and Isuzu are the same companies which are wrong, these are completely different companies.

The company Isuzu for decades is competing in the market with Hino and many other automobile companies and performing very well. This company is now international and got famous because of making high-quality trucks. 


The FAW Group is a Chinese vehicle brand not as old as Toyota and Isuzu, but very competitive these days especially in Pakistan. The company’s main focus is only on making high-quality vehicles from small to large-sized gasoline engines.

FAW is one of the largest automobile companies in China that is operating on a large scale with around 132000 employees. This company is also not working alone and is having many subsidiaries working in the same category. Faw is one of the famous vehicle company got famous in recent years in Pakistan due to its high quality and durable vehicle that needs very less amount of fuel to work.


Forland is a Chinese vehicle company working since 1999. There are dozens of truck models of this company available in the Pakistani market. The company is performing very successful operations within Pakistan as well as internationally.

Compared to some other vehicle companies, Forland’s focus is mainly on making trucks of small to large sizes. The company after launching its truck models in Pakistan got a huge amount of sales. The reason why this company got instantly famous in Pakistan is that it is filling a huge gap in the Pakistani market by making very affordable price trucks in Pakistan with dozen of features.


Foton is a vehicle company of the level of FAW, and Forland. This company is another company from China manufacturing almost all types of gasoline vehicles with amazing inbuilt features. This company is almost having all models like Toyota. This company is being operational in China as one of the top 10 leading vehicle companies.

This company got famous in Pakistan in recent years due to its trucks like Revo or Vigo trucks by Toyota. The overall vehicle shapes and driving experience of Foton feel exactly like Toyota.


Toyota is not just a market leader in the vehicle industry of Asia, but also a vehicle company that can be considered as an experience old man of the vehicle industry. There is no vehicle brand exist in the world having a large range of truck and small car models as Toyota has produced till now.

Toyota trucks are available in Pakistan on a great spectrum and can be found in almost every engine size and power. Mostly Toyota trucks are used in Pakistan as a class and not for pulling heavy material from one place to another.


JAC Motors is a Chinese brand officially launched in Pakistan in around 2014. This vehicle company is still considered a new company in the vehicle market of Asia. These days, JAC trucks are popularly being sold and used in Pakistan due to their new-generation shapes. JAC trucks give an experience like you are driving a luxury car.


Which is the best truck in Pakistan?

It all depends on your budget and engine requirements, every truck that fits best according to your needs will be the best truck for you.

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