UPS Battery Price in Pakistan

UPS battery or inverter battery price in Pakistan typically stays at a point throughout the year or 6 months. All these batteries are also known as tubular batteries or Acid liquid batteries.

UPS batteries are the most demanded energy source product in Pakistan mostly in the summer season due to electricity shortages. As Pakistan is the largest market hub for quality UPS and batteries since the time the load-shedding crisis started back in the history of 2000. Dry batteries and liquid or acid batteries are majorly used with UPS because once they are fully charged they can spend a whole day without government electricity.

batteries in pakistan
Batteries in Pakistan

UPS batteries are tubular batteries or lead acid batteries that consume DC voltage from UPS to get charged and in return, they provide the same DC volt to UPS, and UPS or converter transforms this DC energy into AC and provides it to your home appliances. Dozens of battery companies are working in Pakistan to provide high-quality and long-running batteries, but some popular and authentic brands are only successful.

Battery companies that are operating successfully in Pakistan are Exid, Osaka, Phoenix, Fujika, AGS, Volta, Daewoo, Homage, and Bridge. All these battery brands are ruling the industry of UPS and energy in the local Pakistani market. One of the common qualities of all these giants is that they are making a wide range of batteries with great quality and durability by studying the actual electricity supply conditions in Pakistan.

Tubular Battery price in Pakistan for UPS and Inverter

AGS BatteryLead Acid11200 – 46600 PKR
Exide BatteryLead Acid4700 – 63300 PKR
OsakaLead Acid7400 – 56200 PKR
PhoenixLead Acid7800 – 61500 PKR
HomageLead Acid8449 – 18834 PKR
Volta BatteryLead Acid4500- 25000 PKR
BridgeLead Acid2000 – 15240 PKR
FujikaLead Acid4000 – 15000 PKR
DaewooLead Acid8000 – 22000 PKR

Important Thing

You might experience little bit of price difference in different cities of Pakistan including, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Bahwalnagar, Toba Tek Singh, Vehari, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Hyderabad.

AGS Battery

AGS is a giant international high-quality battery producer, also considered an industry leader due to the certificates that this battery brand has earned during past years. AGS is qualified for having certificate achievements including ISO 9001, and, ISO 18001.

From 2010 – 2020 AGS reported extremely high demand for the GX175 battery among people of Pakistan due to its durability and long-lasting internal plates which are 23. AGS is successfully experimenting in their labs using high-end technology and successfully launching new battery types in the market almost every 2-3 years.

Osaka Battery

Osaka is a local Pakistani battery trademark targeting specifically low-budgeted people in the country. Osaka is a low-budget brand but remember it is consistently breaking the quality barriers and producing extremely good quality and long-lasting acid liquid batteries for their low-budget consumers. Most of the UPS  users prefer Osaka after AGS.

Osaka battery is using high-quality metals in their plates that minimize the friction for electricity or voltage transmission, this feature makes this battery brand a longevity brand. These are the main reasons why Osaka is surviving in the market and even growing at an exponential rate every year. Every 5 people prefer Osaka battery due to its very affordable price and the quality accessories they used inside.

Phoenix Battery

Phoenix is a leader in the Pakistani market for making a big range of battery types with respect to battery input and output power. This battery can be used for UPS, Inverters, and for automobiles. 

This company is making from small-sized batteries to large-sized batteries keeping in mind the need of their valued consumers in Pakistan. Phoenix UGS175 is a battery in competition to AGS GX175 and also a popularly used battery but not more than AGS GX175. 

Mostly people prefer to use phoenix batteries in generators for initial self-start power and in cars. In Pakistan, this battery is not as successful as other battery brands because they are making such batteries for extremely low-budgeted people or people who want to use battery very rare. There is no doubt in saying that phoenix batteries are not suitable for UPS and inverters.

Homage Battery

Homage batteries are dry or gel batteries very widely used in the Pakistani commercial sector including shops, offices, and educational institutes. Homage inverters have gone extremely viral after 2012 and after this achievement, homage started making dry batteries specifically targetting the commercial sector of Pakistan.

The reason why Homage came very successful in the commercial sector people is because the size of the inverter and battery Homage is making is very much small and more managed than other battery brands. No doubt that Homage batteries and inverters are of extremely high quality from personal experience and constantly giving an edge in this industry and beating other low-quality brands.

Volta Battery

Volta is one of the oldest battery companies in Pakistan about 21 years old. Volta is a high rice good quality battery but most do not prefer Volta batteries for their UPS due to its high price tags. Many people consider Volta batteries for their vehicles. The target audience of this company is also automobiles.

Bridge Battery

Bridge batteries are multipurpose batteries for UPS, inverters, and small-large size automobiles. Bridge batteries come in the category of not-so-expensive, not-so-cheap batteries. Bridge company is using quality materials inside their batteries and also Bridge batteries are not low quality.

Fujika Battery

Fujika batteries are tubular acid liquid batteries mostly used with small-sized solar panels in Pakistan. This brand is not popular in the local market due to the very specific market it is targeting which is people with solar panels. Another reason why this brand is still not popular is that it is a newly launched brand as compared to other battery brands.

Daewoo Battery

Daewoo is an international group of companies making batteries and automobiles like high-roof buses. Daewoo’s main target consumers are bus or truck owners. There are very few people in Pakistan who prefer Daewoo batteries to use with inverters, UPS, or solar panels.


Try to invest in batteries that are high quality and branded because after this you will not have to worry about batteries for years. Latest battery prices in Pakistan will highly affect the type and quality of the battery you are purchasing. All these prices can be different in different cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Multan, Vehari, Peshawar, Quetta, kod Addu, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Gujarat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Azad Kashmir, DG Khan, and DI Khan.


What is the cheapest ups battery in Pakistan?

The cheapest battery in Pakistan is Osaka’s 3 Ah for bikes.

Which is the best battery for UPS or inverter in Pakistan?

Brands including AGS, Osaka, Exide, Bridge, Phoenix, Volta, Daewoo, Homage, and Fujika are the best UPS battery brands in Pakistan.

How to maintain a battery for long life?

Regularly fill the acid water, keep your battery surface clean from dust, Don’t put more load than the battery output, and always keep cleaning the terminals for better power transmission.


Do not consider any battery without proper research if you are going to buy a large battery for your UPS or inverter. In my personal experience, Osaka, AGS, and Exide batteries go best with UPS and inverters. I suggest you buy a homage dry battery if you want this battery specifically for a small-sized Homage inverter for your shop or for any other of your commercial use. If you are going to invest money for commercial purposes for selling batteries or for automobiles, try consulting with an expert in this industry.

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