Volta Battery Price in Pakistan

Volta battery prices in Pakistan range from mini-sized low price to normal size with a bit high rate according to their models and plates. There are about 24 models available of Volta battery in Pakistan which have been covered with their prices and the number of plates they have internally.

Volta batteries are typically utilized by car and heavy bike owners. Volta S series are normally used by bike owners from 150cc to more. Volta is selling from 9 plates battery to a maximum of 27 plates battery yet. There is a greater number of vehicle owners who prefer volta batteries for their vehicles because of their manageable price in comparison to other battery prices in Pakistan.

volta batteries
Volta batteries

Volta battery rate list

Volta Battery ModelNumber of PlatesPrice
NS489PL3100 PKR
NS48L9PL3100 PKR
CR60L11PL3600 PKR
N6011PL4000 PKR
N60L11PL4000 PKR
N6512PL4500 PKR
N65L12PL4500 PKR
N709PL4050 PKR
N80Z11PL4500 PKR
N80ZL11PL4500 PKR
NS9013PL5700 PKR
N90A11PL5000 PKR
N9513PL5800 PKR
N100Z15PL6500 PKR
N100ZL15PL6500 PKR
T12015PL7800 PKR
N13017PL8200 PKR
N13519PL8700 PKR
N14019PL8900 PKR
NS17521PL10500 PKR
NS18523PL11000 PKR
N20023PL12800 PKR
N22025PL13000 PKR
NS24027PL14000 PKR

All these volta battery rates shared are commercial rates or reseller rates for business owners who are into the battery business and looking for prices of Volta batteries in Pakistan. Keep in mind these rates are volatile and can change at any time, but these are best for you to take an estimation of the market condition.


Cities like Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Gujranwala, and Sialkot can also show very similar prices to the current rates mentioned above. A little price tag variation can occur depending on which city you are purchasing.

Volta Battery Suppliers in Pakistan

It is important to know volta battery suppliers and distributors if you are planning any commercial project or planning to be a reseller for this battery. For this following are suppliers of volta batteries in Pakistan:

  • Volta House Faisalabad
  • Ibraheem Brothers Islamabad
  • PAL Zonal office
  • Volta House Peshawar
  • CVolta Batteries Multan
  • Azam Battery Center 
  • Naffay Battery Private Limited
  • Usama Battery Service
  • Pakistan Accumulators Private Limited
  • Swat Battery Service
  • Babar Battery Agency
  • Noor Battery House
  • Potohat Battery Center

Pros and cons of Volta battery


  • Volta has a wide category range of batteries in Pakistan.
  • This company is manufacturing lead acid batteries and dry gel batteries for a large range of customers to choose from.
  • Best suited for cars due to their compact size.
  • Long lasting in terms of battery life.
  • You can also use this battery with your electric generator.


  • Only best suited for vehicles, in most cases, it is not suitable with UPS, solar panels, and inverters.


If you are going to purchase volta batteries in bulk for your personal business, make sure before going to market you consult with any of your friends or the family person who know in detailed knowledge about these matters.   

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