Water Pump Price in Pakistan

Water pumps are one of the major electric sanitary products that is primary for each house after construction. Without using a water pump in your homes, all sanitary accessories are useless, because you must have water suppliers to get water at a maintained pressure and that is only possible by using a water pump.

In the local Pakistani market, you have a wide range of options for choosing water motors for your sanitary project. There are hundreds of companies working for making quality motors in Pakistan for very reasonable prices. On a very limited budget, you can have dozens of options to choose from.

water pumps
Water pumps

Water pump price list

Golden Mono Block PumpGMB-100516550 PKR
Golden Mono Stainless Steel Block PumpGMBS70/0.3733000 PKR
Golden Multi-Stage PumpsMS235790 PKR
Self Priming PumpGXPD1/0.3722500 PKR
Shallow Well Jet PumpSWJP25000 PKR
Local Golden PumpLGP7000-15000 PKR

All the prices for motors ahs been listed with their model numbers and full names. All these prices are not inalterable, you might experience a little bit different rates than the ones mentioned above due to the actively changing local economy of Pakistan.


Water pumps prices in Pakistan within different cities will be different according to different customs and logistic rates including Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Vehari, Faisalabad, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Quetta, Sukkur, Kot Addu, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Gujarat, Azad Kashmir, and Abbottabad. 

Water pump suppliers in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently making water motors including submersible pumps locally as well as importing from some other nearby countries. 

  • Olympic Pool
  • Arthur Corporation
  • Pump Well Company
  • Golden Pumps
  • Shalimar Submersible Pumps
  • Hi-Flow Pump Industries
  • Castle Pump Limited
  • Ibraheem Water Pumps 
  • Sultan Water Pumps
  • Rajput Water Pump Supplier
  • Al-sheik Water Pumps and Sanitary
  • Mughal Sanitary and Water Pumps
  • Ehsan Sanitary and Water Missiles

Types of water pump available in Pakistan

There are certain types of water pump exit, but specifically in Pakistan, the following are some water pumps that are easily available in Pakistan in your city.

  • Solar Pump: Solar water pumps are smaller in size with a solar cell plate. These water pumps are very handy and easy to install and don’t need separate energy for work. In Pakistan, such pumps are very commonly used in areas where electricity is not available so far. These pumps are also used by farmers for irrigation of smaller agricultural areas. Solar pumps suck small amounts of water than some other pumps but they are still beneficial.
  • Booster Pump: Booster pumps as the name suggests boost the already coming water pressure in the pipe. These pumps are also smaller in size but have a great capacity to transfer water in faster motion through the steel pipe. These pumps are very best for areas that are not at so much height.
  • Centrifugal Pump: Centrifugal water pumps are similar to pumps attached to solar cells, these pumps are like turbo engine motors and are also used for water pressure enhancement through the pipe. These are similar to booster pumps and are typically suitable for areas that are not at much height. These pumps work similarly to the pumps discussed above.
  • Jet pumps: Jet water pumps are very efficient and very powerful in transferring and even suction from a well or bore. These water pumps are most often used on boring wells for water suction from deep well. These pumps can not only bring water from deep down but also have the ability to maintain the high water pressure through the pipeline. These pumps are available in horizontal and vertical shapes and can be used for multiple water purposes.
  • Donkey Water Pump: Donkey water pumps are a classic way of increasing the water pressure of an already coming water stream through a pipeline. These pumps are very powerful due to the engine motor used in this pump, but this does not mean that they do not require electricity. These pumps are extremely heavy in weight and can consume a large amount of electrical energy than some other water pumps.
  • This pump is still very commonly used in Pakistan, but in our personal experience, these pumps are very expensive to own as they consume more electricity, one thing about these pumps is that, you have to always take care of mobile oil of the donkey motor. Any laziness in putting engine oil in the motor can cause damage to the mechanical framework of the motor inside.
  • Submersible water pump (missile pump): Submersible pump as the name suggest is submerged in the water body and collects water from the stream and transfers with high pressure to height. These pumps are slim, very efficient, and have the capacity to suck in hundreds of liters within minutes without getting heated. In Pakistan, these pumps are commonly known as missile pumps and are very popularly used on boring wells for water suction. If you want a cost-effective solution for water suction from deep down the well, this pump will be the best choice for you.
  • Submersible pumps consume very budgeted electricity and can transfer large amounts of water to heights even kilometers from underground deep wells.


Can I install a water pump on my own?

No, you can’t install a water pump on your own, it required high expertise in assembling and installing a water pump, and a little misadjustment can lead to faulty installation.

Is it possible to use a donkey pump on the bore?

Donkey pumps are used to enhance water pressure within the pipe, these are not suitable to use with boring wells, use submersible pumps instead.

Are submersible water pumps dipped in water?

Yes, submersible pumps are dipped deep down inside the water stream, and the suction fan inside this pump collects and transfers with high pressure to height.

What is the best water pump?

It is not good to say exactly what pump is suitable for you, all pumps are used for different purposes from each other like submersible for getting water from a well, and donkey pump to enhance water pressure. Before buying any water pump you need to identify the purpose you are going to fulfill with the pump.

How to keep maintained donkey water pump?

Do not switch in the dim electricity supply and always keep checking the amount of mobile oil in the motor.


Do not go to market with half research or in-complete knowledge to buy water pumps. Always do maximum research before spending money on pumps and do not forget to know the purpose for your buying a water pump. In case you are buying water pumps for further business, try to consult with an expert who has a great deal of knowledge in this industry.

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