Water Tank Price in Pakistan

Water tank price in Pakistan is a must-know thing before actually going to market for purchase, this helps in budgeting for your construction project. Water tanks are available in different sizes for water holding capacity with different prices and material quality.

There is a great range of water tanks you can choose from, blue water tanks, white water tanks, and black water tanks are readily and easily available in any wholesaler sanitary shop in your city. The water tank is considered high price ticket product of the sanitary.

water tanks
Water tanks

Water tank price list

Water QuantityNet Weight in KGPrice
100026.521000 PKR 
90024.519000 PKR
80020.516000 PKR
70016.513000 PKR
60012.59900 PKR
50010.58200 PKR
4008.56600 PKR
3006.54900 PKR
2005.54000 PKR
1003500 PKR

Important Note

Prices may vary according to your regions of purchase as Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Vehari, Peshawar, Sukkur, Quetta, Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Jhang, Kot Adu, DG Khan, DI Khan, Talagang, Abbottabad, Azad Kashmir, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Fort Abbas, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, and Mia Channu.

Water tank suppliers in Pakistan

If you actually go to market for buying water tanks, you will have hunderes and thousands of suppliers and manufacturers in Pakistan that are selling high-quality water tanks. Make sure any supplier you select, always demands a high-quality and branded tank.

  • Shandar Water Tanks
  • Dura Water Tanks
  • Umar Tuff Water Tanks
  • Ittefaq Plastic Water Tank
  • Al Haram Water Tank
  • Climax Water Tanks
  • Star Water Tanks
  • Al-Khair Water Tanks
  • Star Stainless Steel Water Tanks
  • Polycon Pakistan Sun International
  • Pure Max Water Tank
  • Al Rehman Dura Water Tanks
  • Al Makkan plastic Water Tank
  • Al Jannat Water Tanks Industry
  • Sajid Water Tank
  • Water Tanks Shop
  • API Water Tank Unit 
  • Bawar Khan Water Supply Tank 
  • Wahdat Wanter Tanks Suppliers
  • Baitun Water Supply System
  • Insu Tank
  • Usama and Ubaid Water Tanks

Types of water tanks available in Pakistan

There are dozens of types that exist for water tanks, but in Pakistan, only a few exist and are easily available in the market for purchase. The most commonly used types are as follow:

  • Overhead Water Tank: these tanks are overhead as the name suggests, you probably have seen blue or black water tanks on roof-tops of houses in Pakistan, such water tanks are known as overhead water tanks.
  • Loft Water Tanks: these tanks are elephant-shaped tanks, that cover a wide area surface where they are installed. Loft water tanks have more water storage capacity than overhead water tanks. These tanks are normally used in buildings where there is not much height for the tank.
  • Underground Water Tanks: are mostly used in commercial sectors for storing a massively huge amount of water under feet. Such tanks have the capacity to even store more water than all other tank types.

Common things in these water tanks

  1. Made of plastic material and all these have a great deal of water storage than other typical water tanks.
  2. Such tanks are easily available in the Pakistani market.
  3. You will have a large list of sizes and brands to choose from, no matter what type of water tank you choose.
  4. All require a very minimal amount of work for installation.
  5. All are cost-effective water storage solutions, if you choose any other kind of water tank, you might be charged a huge amount from purchase to installation.
  6. All are very light weighted.
  7. All these types can be connected parallelly as a multiple water storage setup.

Pros and cons of using a water tank instead of traditional tanks


  • Water tanks are the best solution to retain water without getting any harmful impurities from the environment.
  • Plastic water storage tanks are best in terms of longevity, such tanks go for longer than other tanks like a concrete water tanks and metallic water storers.
  • Getting rust is not really an issue in the plastic material tank.
  • Compared to metallic tanks, plastic made tanks are insulators to an extent and do not let your water go high in temperature.
  • Such tanks do not put extra weight on the overall structure of your building.
  • Don’t let the stored water smelly and odorous.
  • Easily installable and moveable anywhere.
  • Has elasticity in the material, which gives flexibility to the tank wall, and do not let the walls be broken or get damaged by getting a strike or jerk.
  • Multiple sizes are available according to the space where you are going to install it and the water storage requirement.
  • The plastic surface of this tank does not emit any type of radiation or release any chemical component when in contact with water.
  • You can use any type of water pipe with this, whether you connect PVC, PPRC, or any metallic steel or iron pipe with this plastic tank.


  • As its walls are very smooth, for this reason, if a little bit of nutrients exits in water, its walls may get fungus. This fungus can hurt the drinking quality of your water.

Why you should use a water tank

  • Use this ready-made and easily available water tank if you want to save money and want your work to be done in a very optimal amount.
  • If you live in an area where there is a shortage of water, use this tank to store some extra amount of water for future use.


What is the best water tank in terms of price and quality in Pakistan?

Quality-wise and longevity-wise, the Dura Max water tank is one of the best tanks in our personal knowledge and experience.

What is the best-suited pipe with a plastic water tank?

You can use any pipe type with this water tank, but the most compatible and best-suited pipe is the PPRC pipe with this.

How can I save my water tank from getting damaged?

Try to install your water tank in a place where it does not get direct contact with sunlight and extreme heat. You can place your water tank in sunlight if you live in a 12 months cold environment like in Northern areas of Pakistan.


Choose a high-quality and durable water tank, no matter for whom you are purchasing it, whether it’s for your clients or for yourself. High-quality and branded sanitary stuff always takes part of your overall success. Now copied water tank brands are very popularly selling their tanks in Pakistan, to avoid this, you must have enough research and knowledge if you are going to spend a huge budget.

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