Wheat Rate Today Pakistan 2023

Wheat rates in Pakistan play a great role in the economy, not only locally but internationally. All agriculture businesses relying on food products made from wheat including fast food chains and other processed food companies have to care about wheat prices on a daily or monthly basis or at the time when they buy stock for their production unit.

Pakistan is one of the largest wheat producers playing a vital role in the world economy and feeding millions of people around the globe. There are many countries that completely rely on such third-world countries including Pakistan for their basic food needs. Wheat prices do fluctuate but not as quickly as other products of the economy.


New wheat prices in Punjab, Sindh, and KP

City / RegionMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price
Bunner4800 PKR5200 PKR5000 PKR
DIK4600 PKR4900 PKR4750 PKR
Peshawar4650 PKR4650 PKR4650 PKR
Bahawalnagar4600 PKR4610 PKR4605 PKR
Bahawalpur4500 PKR4649 PKR4575 PKR
Burewala4483 PKR4560 PKR4522 PKR
Chichawatni4535 PKR4590 PKR4563 PKR
Chowk Azam4400 PKR4648 PKR4524 PKR
DGK4600 PKR4650 PKR4525 PKR
Dunga Bunga4600 PKR4625 PKR4513 PKR
Faqirwala4600 PKR4605 PKR4603 PKR
Fort Abbas4600 PKR4600 PKR 4600 PKR
Harunabad4600 PKR4637 PKR4619 PKR
Hasilpur4570 PKR4575 PKR4673 PKR
Khanpur4640 PKR4650 PKR4645 PKR
Layyah4640 PKR4650 PKR4645 PKR
Mian Channu4450 PKR4629 PKR4490 PKR
Pattoki4450 PKR4620 PKR4485 PKR
RYK4625 PKR4733 PKR4679 PKR
Rajanpur4600 PKR4610 PKR4605 PKR
Sadiqabad4675 PKR4730 PKR4703 PKR
Sahiwal4500 PKR4613 PKR4557 PKR
Toba Tek Singh4525 PKR4550 PKR4538 PKR
Yazman Mundi4600 PKR4637 PKR4619 PKR
Hyderabad5080 PKR5100 PKR5090 PKR
Karachi5120 PKR5120 PKR5120 PKR
Nawab Shah4960 PKR5000 PKR4980 PKR
Sukkur4950 PKR5020 PKR4985 PKR
Sakrand5120 PKR5120 PKR5120 PKR
Shikarpur5120 PKR5120 PKR5120 PKR
40 kg wheat price in pakistan today

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Wheat Price History In Pakistan
Wheat Price History In Pakistan


Please note that price differentiation in changing economy like Pakistan is very normal. You might experience a little big price difference from the city you are purchasing wheat including cities like Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Sukkur, Gujarat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, DG Khan, DI Khan, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Vehari, or Bahwalnagar.

wheat price in pakistan 2023

Wheat suppliers in Pakistan

As Pakistan is one of the largest wheat producers in Asian countries, for this reason, there is a huge number of wheat suppliers in Pakistan working for both local and international markets. Following are some wheat providers in Pakistan:

  • Umar Enterprises
  • Mujeeb Enterprises
  • Fatima Trading Company
  • Khalid & Sons Traders
  • Sher Traders
  • Alpha Enterprises
  • Syed Usman Corporations
  • I&K Enterprises
  • Sunrise Enterprises
  • Shahzad Impex Enterprises
  • Azaan Amir Enterprises
  • Sudais Shinwari Traders
  • Moonlight Traders
  • Diamond International Traders

Types of wheat

There are about 50 types of wheat that exist in Pakistan, all these categories are named on the basis of their researchers and research held on them in local research laboratories of the country. 98% of the whole wheat crop yield is taken from the Punjab province. Following are wheat types with their release dates:

  1. Akbar (2019)
  2. Anaj (2017)
  3. Barani (2017)
  4. Ujala (2016)
  5. Fateh Jang (2016)
  6. Ehsan (2016)
  7. Galaxy (2013)
  8. AARI (2011)
  9. Punjab (2011)
  10. Millat (2011)
  11. Lasani (2008) 
  12. Seher (2006)
  13. Shafaq (2006
  14. AS (2002)
  15. SH (2002)
  16. Uqab (2000)
  17. Chenab  (2000)
  18. Iqbal (2000)
  19. Kohistan (1998)
  20. Durum (1998)

Dos and Donts while purchasing wheat


  • You must be clear about the purpose for what you are purchasing wheat, whether it is for personal or commercial use.
  • In case you are buying wheat for commercial purposes, try to understand your customer’s needs in detail in order to provide the right wheat type to your customer.
  • If you are into the wheat business, try to research this business in detail in order to increase your success chances of it.
  • If you think you are new to this business, you must get expert advice before taking any big step in this industry.
  • Suppose you are a wheat exporter to foreign countries, and never ever deliver low-quality wheat to your clients overseas, this hurts the image of Pakistan in the international market.
  • In case you are in a local food business in which wheat is required or plays the primary role ingredient, you must know the wheat type you are going to use in your business, otherwise, disasters can be a chance in any business.


  • Don’t buy low-quality or hybrid wheat and sell it like the original.
  • Never hide the genetics of the wheat you are selling to your final customer.
  • Don’t buy wheat in bulk instantly, try to buy a small portion first in order to test it as a sample.
  • If you have purchased wheat in bulk, never underestimate the power of food safety to save your stock from getting ruined by food poisoning.


What is the price for 1 kg wheat in Pakistan?

The wheat price for one KG normally fluctuates around 160 PKR in the Pakistani market.

How much wheat does Pakistan produce every year?

Overall wheat production of Pakistan in the year 2020 was reached around 27000 tons.

What is wheat seed rate per acre in Pakistan?

For wheat growing, a 50 kg seed is required for per acre of land in Pakistan.


Not in Pakistan only, but this rule of thumb applies everywhere in the world: if you buy any material raw or processed in bulk, you will get it at a discounted price than a single unit. If you going to purchase wheat in bulk for any of your project or food companies and you think you are new to the industry, then do consult with an expert, it will save you from disasters and save your resources.

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