Raw Wood Price in Pakistan

Wood price in Pakistan matters a lot because wood is one of the common energy sources being used in the Pakistani industry in both construction and any other production industry. Due to the shortage of electricity and gaseous resources in Pakistan, wooden energy is the most popularly used in most of the power plants in the industrial sector.

Raw wood prices normally stay stable in Pakistan but they change not on a regular basis but on an annual basis. Wood price is highly dependent on wood types that are available in Pakistan. Pakistan has a diverse range of wood types and also it is one of the giant wood exporters in the world economy. Not only in the above-mentioned categories wood is utilized, but also in making wooden floors, windows, and doors, wood is one o the most classic and still doable materials to use.

woods in pakistan
woods in Pakistan

Wood in Pakistan is being used for many purposes like it’s used in pipe installation in newly constructed homes. Pipes installations in walls are very much assisted by tiny wooden catchers which is a cost-effective and organic solution, for this reason, you don’t have to use metal or any other unsupported material in your wall.

Pvc pipe price in Pakistan is an affordable and cheap solution to the plumbing and water supply system of the house. These pipes are used to transport water from the main source to various fixtures, such as faucets, showers, and toilets.

All wood rate list with types

Wood TypesUnit QuantityPrice
Diyar Woodcu ft8500 Pkr
Ash Woodcu ft10500 Pkr
Oud Woodcu ft7500 Pkr
Sagwan Woodcu ft22000 Pkr
Yello Pine Woodcu ft6000 Pkr
Kail Woodcu ft4000 Pkr
Kikar Woodcu ft2000 Pkr
Mahogany Woodcu ft8500 Pkr
Teak Woodcu ft21000 Pkr 
Oak Woodcu ft9500 Pkr
Partal Woodcu ft3500 Pkr
Shisham Woodcu ft5000 Pkr
Tali Woodcu ft6000 Pkr
Burma Teak Woodcu ft22500 Pkr
Deodar Woodcu ft8500 Pkr
Walnut Woodcu ft15000 Pkr

These are all the wood categories available in Pakistan as the most easily accessible energy source with their current prices for the local Pakistani market. There are many other kinds of wood that exist in Pakistan but that may be not of commercial use like neem etc. 


All the ash wood rates are collected according to the current market conditions in different cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Bahawalpur, and Peshawar.

Wood Suppliers in Pakistan

There are hundreds of wood suppliers working commercially in Pakistan providing high-quality wood to their customers for industrial purposes. Following are some selected wood sellers available in the local Pakistani markets you can buy from them:

  • Global Wood Depot
  • Nazim Woodworks
  • Sana Woods
  • Mughal Traders
  • Ejaz Khan Timber Merchants
  • Ahmed Ali Timber Wood
  • Al MAdin Wood Works
  • Pakistan Timber Store Wood
  • Saify Wood and Timber
  • Saudagar Woods
  • Siddique Wood Corporation
  • Musharaf and Brothers
  • Ghamkol Wood Works
  • Mustafa Timber Mart
  • Wellcot Wood
  • Khan Wood Suppliers
  • Classic Wood Works
  • Chaman Timber
  • Idrees Wood Works
  • ZNC Wood Works

Pros and cons of wood in construction


  • Wood is one of the most organic materials that exist in the universe, using wood can save you from different illnesses that are caused by processed materials these days. With this, wood is available in a variety of types in abundance in the world.
  • If you want a soundproof home, wood will be the most soundproofing material in your construction, it has a remarkable ability to absorb sound waves that do not exist in other materials.
  • Compared to other metal materials, it is a highly insulated material that does not allow heat, current, or even cold to pass through, this wooden feature also allows to you build a temperature-optimized house.
  • Very much suitable in high tempted areas like deserts where the temperature stays on average 40-50 degrees.


  • Most of the time, it is only suitable for dry areas.
  • It has the ability to get damaged when it gets contact with water or humidity.
  • Due to its dryness, it can catch fire easily.
  • Wood worms can make a habitat in the wooden surfaces due to humidity, which can harm, your all wooden structure at a larger scale.
  • Excessive use of wood in daily lives can devastate forest at a larger scale which is not eco-friendly.

Should I use wood

  • If you think you have a budget in large amounts, then you should use wood in some of the parts of your construction project.
  • In case you don’t care about the ecosystem or you are not an eco-friendly person type, then you shouldn’t use wood.
  • If you want only furniture in your newly constructed home to be wooden, then you should go for wooden furniture. Try to not use wood for other purposes than furniture.
  • If you are living in an extremely dry and hot area, then you should use wooden as you primary material, due to its insulated properties.

What is cheapest wooden in Pakistan?

Partal wood is the most cheapest wood in Paistan, this wood is collected from Himalayan regions.

Can every wood type get wood worms?

Yes, there is no wood exist which cant get wood worm, wood worms can damage every type of wooden surfaces.


Understanding the wood type and for what purpose you are going to use the wood is important. If you buy wood in bulk that will not be suitable for the actual purpose you are looking to fulfill can be a waste of your money. Always first understand the wood type before actually purchasing from the market. If you are not aware of wood categories and their best usage, try to consult with an expert with deep knowledge and understanding of the wood.

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