Wooden Floor Prices in Pakistan 2023

Wooden floor price in Pakistan is increasing day by day as the trends for this type of floor are going amazingly high. Some years back there was no concept of wooden flooring in Pakistan, but now they are going popular. As more Pakistani people are moving abroad they are likely to love the trends abroad, and wood floors are the commonly used floors in most European regions.

In the Pakistani market, you will get to see so many different types of flooring but the most popular one is wooden flooring. This wooden flooring is getting more popular in the construction industry and also selling like a hot cake in the market. As it’s getting trendy, the sellers for this stuff is also coming to the market at a high pace.

wooden floor
wooden floor

Updated wooden flooring price chart

Flooring CategoriesSizesPrice
Econo Matt 7 mm185/sq.ft PKR
Three Strip Glossy Series 8 mm195/sq.ft PKR
Semi-Gloss Series8 mm210/sq.ft PKR
Super Gloss Series7 mm225/sq.ft PKR
3D Laminate Floor225/sq.ft PKR
AGT AC3 Series (Turkey) 275/sq.ft PKR

Above are all the price ranges mentioned with the unit size and the flooring type, make sure that each flooring will cost you according to per square feet you are purchasing. Prices of wooden flooring in Pakistan are different according to the material of the wooden tiles used.

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Types of wooden flooring in Pakistan

  1. Vinyl
  2. Laminate
  3. Parquet
  4. Solid Wooden Flooring
  5. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

So if you need any type of flooring you first go through the local prices for wood floors in Pakistan. having an eye on local prices will give you an estimate of the market prices making your decision easier.

Other types of wooden flooring

  • American Walnut
  • Bamboo
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Pine

These are the other types of wooden floors but chances are these may not be easily available in the Pakistani market right now. In the future, these types may be available depending on the demand and supply of these flooring categories.

Pros and cons of wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is a kind of best flooring but everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, soo wooden flooring too. This flooring is equally divided into its pros and cons. Read the following pros and cons of wooden floors:


  • Wooden flooring is good flooring if you want a non-slippery floor.
  • This flooring does not need maintenance or floor washing as other floor types need.
  • If you are looking for a floor that looks classy, premium, and vintage then a wood floor will be best for you.
  • The walking sound on the wood floor will be very much pleasing and appealing which is not the case in other hard floorings.
  • Each wooden tile will be of a different wooden texture, which will give a classic look to your floor, it will also make the floor looks a unique touch which is not so common in Pakistan.
  • It will work as a sound absorber in your home, and for this reason, a lot of extra noise will be minimized.
  • It is customizable and easy to install. You can also add an extra lamination sheet over it to increase its protection from harm.
  • A wide range of designs for this flooring is available in the market from which you can select which appeals to you more.


  • You have to take care of this flooring, in case it gets contact with water, the chances of its swelling will be increased, and this can at some stages harm the floor’s looks and elegance.
  • If you didn’t clean it regularly, some small insects can start living in this flooring like bugs, and also it can get fungi at a later stage, but this only will happen if your home is moist.
  • Only professional workers who are experts in wooden work can install wooden tiles on your floor.

Wooden tiles suppliers in Pakistan

Wooden tiles or floors are available in great quantities in the market, as Pakistan is also exporting this stuff for many years. Make sure the supplier or installer you are choosing for this purpose should be an expert in the field. Following are some known suppliers of wooden flooring in Pakistan:

  • Minalo Exclusive Flooring
  • Sarina Flooring
  • Interio Floors
  • Marflex Groups
  • Stone Bridge Wooden Flooring
  • EVA Tiles
  • Modern Tile House
  • BM Wooden Floors
  • Kronoswiss Flooring
  • Hassan Floors & Walls
  • KRB Enterprises
  • Furqan Tiles
  • Interior Wooden Floors
  • Adeel Tiles and Interiors
  • Basheer Tile Traders
  • Al Hamra Tiles
  • Rana Traders Tile House
  • Descent Tiles
  • Al Makkah Wooden Tiles
  • Attari Tiles
  • WTM Porcellenato Tiles
  • DHA Tiles Showroom
  • Zebra Works
  • Century Ceramics
  • Aulakh Traders
  • Sajjad Tiles
  • NS Floorings
  • Ahmed Wooden & Vinyl Flooring
  • RAK Ceramics
  • Siraj Tiles Palace
  • Arif and Sons
  • Pak Tiles
  • Woody Interior
  • Dreams Interior
  • Shalimar Tiles
  • Kale Tiles
  • Pak Clay Khaprail
  • Mod CASA
  • Tile Gallery
  • Tile Select
  • First Floor Floorings
  • Baloch Tiles
  • Trend Tiles and Ceramics
  • Waqar Impex Corporation
  • Bin Ashfaque
  • LG Floors
  • Khaprail Tiles
  • Shakeel Trading Corporation
  • Style Emporium
  • National Tiles House
  • KN Brothers
  • Sandhu Tiles

Should I choose wooden floors

  • Wood flooring price in Pakistan is somehow manageable if you are not the kind of person with a tight budget, with this if you don’t care about the future damage of wood floor with water, then you must choose wooden tiles to get an elegant look for your floor.
  • Similarly, if you do care not about the looks and you just want a long-lasting and tough floor that goes years and decades without much caring and maintenance, then you should not select a wooden floor as your interior home decor project.
  • If you are a nature lover and prefer t live in organic or natural stuff, this you are also like to live in pin drop should place, then you should use this flooring type in your home, if you use sound-proof doors with this, it will make your home extra soundproof.
  • If you are a campaign supporter of eco-friendly stuff utilization, then you should choose this.
  • If you want your flooring to be done quickly just after the construction of your house, then these tiles require a minimal amount of time to be installed. Go with this, if you have no time because other flooring categories will require much time, effort, and other resources to get fully installed.
  • If you are working on your client’s project who lives abroad like in Europe or any American country, and you are not really sure what your client will like, in this situation you also should go with wooden flooring because most probably people living in abroad like this flooring kind in their house.

Important Notice

If you are keeping track very consciously of the budgeting for this wooden floor, be notified that rates for this flooring will not be the same in all cities, it will be a little bit different in different cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, and Quetta.


Is wooden floor long-lasting than marble floor?

No, a wooden floor is not long-lasting as marble or any other stone tile floor because wood is organic and has more chances of getting a microbial invasion.

What is the best wood used for a wooden floor?

Cherry, Oak, and Maple woods are the most popular and very best-performing woods for flooring.


Choosing a good quality wooden floor for your home decoration project is easier if your budget is not so tight. If you are having a very calculated and tight budget for this purpose, always prefer someone with expert advice who has multiple years of experience in the industry. I will recommend you to hire a construction or home decoration consultant before going to actually purchase the floor from the market.

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