ZIC OIL Prices in Pakistan 2023

ZIC oil prices are competitive to Caltex as both brands are leading and successful oil brands in Pakistan for producing quality mobiles. In most of the retailers, showrooms, and motor repairing workshops, you will see ZIC mobile oil on every shelf.

zic oils
ZIC oils

For a long time, ZIC and Caltex are competing and leading the automobile market in the crude oil sector. If we compare the oil rates of these both brands, ZIC prices are a little bit higher than Caltex, but there is not much difference.

zic oil price list in Pakistan

Engine Oil NamePackage QuantityPrice
ZIC X9-5W-40 1 Liter1565 PKR
ZIC X9-5W-404 Liter6140 PKR
ZIC Top-0W-401 Liter1950 PKR
ZIC Top-0W-403 Liter5760 PKR
ZIC Top 0W-404 Liter8680 PKR
ZIC X7-FE 0W-301 Liter1270 PKR
ZIC X7-FE 0W-304 Liter5000 PKR
ZIC X& FE 0W-201 Liter1250 PKR
ZIC X7-FE 0W-203 Liter3600 PKR
ZIC X7-FE 0W-204 Liter4800 PKR
ZIC X7-FE 5W-201 Liter1200 PKR
ZIC X7-FE 5W-203 Liter3555 PKR
ZIC X7-FE 5W-204 Liter4740 PKR
ZIC X7-10W-401 Liter1030 PKR
ZIC X7-10W-403 Liter3000 PKR
ZIC X7-10W-404 Liter4000 PKR
ZIC X5-20W-501 Liter865 PKR
ZIC x5-20W-503 Liter2565 PKR
ZIC x5-20W-504 Liter3420 PKR
ZIC X1-20W-501 Liter593 PKR
ZIC x1-20W-503 Liter1734 PKR
ZIC x1-20W-504 Liter2312 PKR
ZIC X700-15W-404 Liter3160 PKR
ZIC x700-10W-401 Liter825 PKR
ZIC x7000-10W-404 Liter3120 PKR
ZIC x7000-10W-406 Liter4631 PKR
ZIC x7000-20W-504 Liter4800 PKR
ZIC x7000-20W-505 Liter3875 PKR
ZIC x7000-20W-506 Liter4650 PKR
ZIC x5000-15W-404 Liter2860 PKR
ZIC x5000-15W-405 Liter3575 PKR
ZIC x5000-15W-406 Liter4290 PKR
ZIC G-F 75W-851 Liter950 PKR
ZIC G- 85W-1401 Liter920 PKR
ZIC G5- 85W-1404 Liter3560 PKR
DOT41 Liter1650 PKR
ZIC Dexron31 Liter915 PKR
ZIC Dexron61 Liter1150 PKR
ZIC ATF-Multi1 Liter1200 PKR
ZIC XP-31 Liter1250 PKR
ZIC ATF SP 41 Liter1500 PKR
ZIC Multi CVT1 Liter1425 PKR
ZIC Multi CVT4 Liter5300 PKR
ZIC Royal Grease0.5 Liter565 PKR
ZIC Royal Grease3 Liter2915 PKR
ZIC Super A11 Liter680 PKR
ZIC Super A14 Liter2680 PKR
zic engine oil price in pakistan

ZIC oil is a Korean brand founded back in 1936 and is considered at top of the list of engine oil companies. The major headquarter of this company is situated in Singapore. The target market of this oil brand is most Asian and African countries.


You might see slightly different rates for Zic oil bottles in different cities in Pakistan due to different customs and transportation charges like in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Bahawlanagar, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Toba Tek Singh, Vehari, Burewala, and Khanewal.

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zic engine oil price in pakistan

How Engine oil is made

All engine oils are made on the same principle which is extraction and refining from raw crude oil. Engine oils are used in engines due to a specific feature of lubrication they provide to working spare parts. Mobiles oils are made from a mixture of petroleum-based hydrocarbons and polyalphaolefins.

Mobile oils came out 150 years ago when advanced mechanical oil or gas engines showed the heat-up and fire-catch problem. The constant working of gas engines showed severe heat-ups and damage to high-cost spare parts of engines. This problem gas engines failed in technology, but John Elis became a savior of the industry and invented the first mobile oil.

Pros and cons of using Zic oil


  • Zic oil price is manageable as some other imported engine oil brands are massively more expensive than this.
  • If we talk about its chemistry, it is slightly thicker than other oils, this helps maintain the overall engine’s quality and working.
  • It is a highly refined oil which means it has no petroleum particles in it, this clearness of this oil helps your vehicle engine go for longer in life.
  • This engine oil is best and easily available for small to medium-sized vehicles.
  • The quantity in the bottle is very accurate according to the mentioned quantity on the bottle.
  • Life of the oil itself is greater than some other oils available in Pakistan.


  • This oil Is mostly unavailable for very large-sized vehicles like 22-wheeler trucks or trailers in Pakistan.
  • This oil brand has a little bit lower variety in Pakistan than other engine oil brands do have.


Is ZIC engine oil is good?

Yes, ZIC engine oil is an imported oil brand and it is high quality and premium oil you can choose.

Is ZIC oil long-lasting?

Yes, ZIC oil is a long-lasting engine oil with high petroleum profile.


ZIC oil is a cost-effective oil category if you are going to buy this for your high-performance engine or expensive car. If you are going to buy this oil in bulk for your retail workshop or showroom, always try to purchase from an authorized dealer or consult with an expert or professional in the industry before taking any big step.

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